Pakistan Higher Education Commission on verge of collapse


ISLAMABAD – HEC is at the brink of collapse. After shelving the scholarship scheme, the Commission is likely to close some more operations due to stoppage of funds, well-placed sources told TheNation.
“Survival of HEC at stake, as its second quarter of operational expanses, amounting to Rs 3 billion, are also yet to be released,” sources added.
Earlier, the present government has approved a massive cut in the HEC funds, which resulted in halt of many developmental projects of the Commission across the county, including cancellation of scholarship scheme.
It is merit mentioning here that HEC nowadays has become a hot issue in the eyes of media.  
The HEC’s operations included the provision of scholarships to fresh graduates and faculty members for MPhil and PhD, foreign faculty hiring scheme, research & development scheme, which provide grants to researchers, IT division, digital library to link universities with each other across the county, learning innovation scheme for skill development, linguistics and computer skill, establishment of new universities project in collaboration with foreign countries.  
“Besides halting these operations, the non-cooperating attitude of the incumbent government would further badly damage the projects of newly-established universities like Karokoram, Hazara, Sargodha and many other universities in Sindh and Balochistan provinces,” sources disclosed.
However, they said that Attestation and Recognition Department, Quality Assurance, Curriculum Department of HEC would be working. Members Operational and Planning Department Dr Mukhtar Ahmad, when contacted confirmed that second quarter of HEC grants could not be released to the Commission yet.
He further said; “Yes HEC is facing severe financial crunch,” adding if prevailing situation persists, then HEC would not able to run its ongoing projects.
To a quarry, he said; “We have no other option but to cancel more operations running under HEC, across the county.”
Another HEC official told TheNation that criticising the HEC was an irrational
approach, as to run its operations was responsibility of the government by providing resources to the Commission.

He said that if HEC would close its operations then certainly government itself would be responsible for loss of resources and decline in quality of education in the county.
He claimed that performance of HEC has been commended internationally, as currently many other countries were cooperating with the Commission.
“Under HEC Human Resource Development Scheme, more than 6,000 students have got MPhil- PhD scholarships. But if government is not ready to give importance to enhance quality of education then foreign countries would also stop cooperation with HEC,” he regretted.    
Owing to lack of funds, now it is difficult for us to pay the salaries to foreign faculty members serving in different universities of the country. He said that under this programme, Foreign Faculty Hiring students of different universities were benefiting from the international experts, especially in science subjects.
“However, if HEC operations will be closed than certainly it would be unbearable loss for the education sector,” he warned.



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  1. India is progressing rapidly in the field of science and technology by setting up hundreds of universities and expanding a huge network of IIT in the country while exporting humane resource to Europe and America in the form of scientists and engineers which are now influencing the policies of these countries. Whereas, Pakistan is still exporting illiterate humane resource to these countries. Pakistanis are unable to defend country abroad simply because it is a matter of competition between educated indians and illetrate pakistani labour force. Unfortunately, A few months ago, landlords like “ishaq khakwani”, “Faryal Talpur”, “Azra Fazal Pechohu” were barking over a person who worked marvellously for higher education and provided basic R&D facilities in universities in order to develop a technological base of country. Mr. Atta will be remembered for long time in the history of this unfortunate nation for his tangible achievements in the field of higher education. He was one who served HEC for 8 years without getting any salary (Reference: See Q&As of 7th and 8th session 2008 of National Assembly). Shame on you, Mr Khakwani and other accompanying landlords. You have an evil mentality. It is unfortunate for the nation that illiterate landlords are now going to decide the future of higher education in Pakistan. Personally, I am not astonished over this decision as it is a direct outcome of the propaganda staged against HEC a few months ago. Off-course, politics of these landlords will flourish only if the people remain illiterate.

  2. Almost 300 scholars for countries like Italy, Germany and Astrai, are facing dificulties by the mind blowing decision of pending all overseas schoalrships till further orders. I know that we, as a nation are facing financial crises and same is the situation with HEC and Govt. In spite of all crises, all prjects launched by HEC should be continued till their completion.It does not need too much money and is easily managable as it is a kind of investment. All schoalrs, are bound to come back in Pakistan after completion of their degrees and serve Pakistan. They will definitly play a vital role in the scientific and economic development of the country. I am afraid that if these scholars, which definitly are the goods minds of the country, are not supported, may leave the country anyways and if it happens, this will be a big loss to the country. I request you to see this matter and help us saving our future.

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