Buy one car and get another free

LONDON, Nov 8: A British car dealer has found one way around the looming recession by offering a buy-one-get-one-free offer on new cars, a report said on Saturday.

Online car broker Broadspeed. com, based in Colchester near London, offered customers two Dodge Avenger SXT saloon cars, complete with leather seats and air conditioning, for 20,000 pounds $31,300 .

The dealership based in Colchester near London has just sold the last of the cars.

Managing director Simon Empson told the Guardian newspaper: “It was amazing. We had been trying to sell those cars online at half price for nearly a month and they were selling, but it was nothing special.

“But when we made the deal two-for-one, we got 22,000 customers.

“The very first call I had was from a father who was going to buy the two cars, have one himself and give the other to his son.” The number of new cars sold in Britain in October fell by nearly a quarter compared with the same period a year ago, the biggest decline since 1991.—AFP, Dawn report

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