A fashion statement for Islamabad winters

By Saadia Khalid
With the opening of Islamabad’s high-end multi-brand boutique ‘The Designers’ in the once-dead capital city, it is no more hard for the fashion designers to stage their collection in the luxurious ambience of the facility and introduce their masterpieces to the capital dwellers in order to meet the fast increasing demand of designer clothes here.

Taking advantage of such an excellent opportunity, renowned designer Sara Shahid launched her latest collection with her brand label ‘Sublime’ here Saturday at ‘The Designers’. The capital city, which was always considered dead by the fashionistas, is now a huge attraction and is being thronged by the country’s top designers due to a high demand by the big wigs, who previously had to travel all the way to Lahore or Karachi in order to access innovative designer wear.

Introducing an entirely unique and exquisite collection of formal and semi formal dresses with modern cuts and traditional embellishment, the long awaited ‘Sublime’ offers Sublime Sara, Sublime Divine, and Fab Sublime winter lines, specifically tailor-made for the Islooites in order to provide the perfect clothing for every occasion in the winters.

Making use of heavily textured fabrics to suit the weather, longer silhouettes, and minimalist embellishments are the characteristics of the ‘Sublime’ design philosophy in which Sara ensured elegance while designing her whole range.

Talking to ‘The News’, Sara said there is no point in wearing the regular fashionable dresses during winters, as most of the formal wear is usually designed on chiffons or georgettes. “I have used warm winter material in formal dresses in order to make them appropriately cosy and trendy for formal wear in the winters,” she said.

‘The Designers’ is Sara’s third multi-label venture following the success of her involvement with ‘The Boulevard 10 Q’ in Lahore and ‘The Designers’ in Karachi. “It is just like an experiment for me, as I want to have a know-how about the taste and demand of the Islooites,” she said. According to Sara, “I am delighted to introduce ‘Sublime’ to the capital city, which has a great sensibility for high-end fashion,” she said.

Sara said that within 2008 and in the new year, she is hoping to continue expanding ‘Sublime’s’ national and international reach, as she believe it is important for any ready-to-wear ensemble designer to be accessible to a greater diversity of people. “For me, being in Islamabad is a step closer to this,” she said.

Sara’s collection at ‘The Designers’ also include exclusive pieces from her latest ‘Live Life Live Sublime’ collection, the essence of which is a reflection of the present situation in Pakistan. Keeping this in mind, she has used soft tones with an emphasis on simple tailored cuts.


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