LAHORE: Free solar energy for village offered 143

Associated Press of Pakistan
Jawaid Tariq Khan, a senior banker and Chairman Highnoon Group of Companies, has offered to electrify a village with solar energy.

Details in this regard are being worked out between the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and Highnoon Solar, said a press release issued here.Mr. Khan said that the easiest and fastest way to overcome the energy shortage is electrification based on solar energy of which there is abundance in Pakistan. In addition to electrification of villages, single homes, water heaters, tube wells and street, traffic and parking lights could be lit by solar energy, he added.

Many developed countries including USA, Spain, Germany and even the UAE were building entire cities energized on solar energy simply because it is the cheapest source of energy in the long run.

Small generation systems could be arranged within six months and so as many as many thousands of systems in the same period of time.

Public/Private partnership in this cheapest and everlasting source of energy should be encouraged, Mr. Khan added.

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