DHA Lahore goes to the dogs

               *Event organiser says dogs are awarded positions according to their attitude, physique, running style, stamina and vigour
*Heavy training essential for canines to compete at the show
*Participants need to be friendly to dogs and humans

LAHORE: The German Shepherd Dog Club of Pakistan organised a dog show in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on Sunday, which enthralled several dog lovers.

More than 100 German shepherds participated in the competition from across the province. They entertained the dog lovers that attended the show. The show had five major categories: Dogs of nine months and younger were classified as minor puppies; dogs from nine months to one-year-old were classified in the puppy category; Those between 12 and 18 months were classified as juniors; Dogs from 18 to 24 months were considered youths; and those older than two years were included in the open class. The winners from each category were awarded medals. Mirza Saif Baig, a world-renowned dog show judge, was the show’s jurist.

Prizes: Ring steward and organiser of the show, Shahzada Imran Ahmed, said that in dog shows, the dogs’ owners or trainers run with their dogs in a circular pattern around a square. The judges award prizes and positions to the dogs on the basis of several factors, including its attitude, physique, running style, stamina and vigour, he added.

“All the dogs are allotted a number and all the information about a dog or its owner is concealed from the judge to make the competition transparent. The entry fee of the show is Rs 500 and only those dogs are allowed to be registered whose bio data is provided by the dogs’ owners,” he said, adding that only dogs that were pedigreed and had numbers punched inside their right ear were allowed to participate in the competition.

In the minor puppy (female) category, Adnan of Gujranwala won the 1st prize. In the minor puppy (male) class, the dog owned by Ahmed Kamal of Lahore won the 1st prize, while in the puppy (female) class, Deria of Ahsan Fraz won the 1st prize. In the junior (female) class, a dog called Hanny from Lahore won the 1st prize. Xen from Lahore was declared as the best dog in junior (male) class and won the 1st prize.

The youth (female) prize was awarded to Aba, a dog from Islamabad, as the judges declared it the best female dog in the category, while the youth (male) class was won by Ero from Lahore.

The open (female) class was won by Kana from Lahore, while in the open (male) category, Visum stood first among the 14 listed dogs.

Training: The owners of the dogs said that it was a very tough task to train their dogs for the competition, adding that they had to train their dogs for several hours each night for months. They said that they had to take their dogs to parks and other open areas so they could practice running in open spaces. They said that this also aided the dogs in becoming friendlier with other humans and dogs, which was required to avoid any mishaps during the competition.

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