‘Lawyers unjustified movement in Pakistan caused imposition of emergency’

* Speakers at seminar say some senior lawyers trying to prolong movement for judiciary’s restoration for personal gains
* SCBA presidential candidate says strikes and rallies won’t resolve issue of restoration of sacked CJP

LAHORE: Speakers at a seminar on Friday said that the lawyers’ unjustified movement was responsible for the imposition of emergency rule and the suspension of over 60 judges.

They said this at a reception hosted by former attorney general of Pakistan Justice (r) Malik Muhammad Qayyum, in honour of Senator M Zafar, the Pakistan People’s Party-backed candidate for the president of the Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA).

The speakers said a few leading lawyers were trying to exploit their colleagues for personal gains by prolonging the movement for the restoration of judiciary.

Former SCBA secretary Sayed Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari said that M Zafar was the most suitable candidate for the office of president of the SCBA and urged lawyers to vote for S Zafar. Justice Qayyum also endorsed the candidature of M Zafar and said that most lawyers’ groups would vote for him.

Solution: Zafar, while addressing the seminar, said that he did not believe in strikes, rallies and a movement based on agitation. He said that the only solution was to make necessary amendments to the constitution to bring it to its original shape. He added that he wanted to assure lawyers and the deposed chief justice that he also wanted the reinstatement of all sacked judges. He said that a free and independent judiciary was every lawyer’s wish.

Pakistan Bar Council member Ramazan Chaudhry said there was no point in continuing the movement after the formation of a democratic government in the country following the February 18 general elections.

He said elements getting dictation from non-democratic forces were continuing the movement, adding that a few lawyers ruined the long march by ending it inconclusively for their personal gains.

Source: Daily Times, 25/10/2008

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