Saudi Arabia closes employment doors for illiterate Pakistanis

LAHORE: Saudi Arabia will no longer employ illiterate Pakistanis according to new laws about manpower enforced with immediate effect, Aaj TV reported on Wednesday. The channel quoted a statement issued by the Saudi embassy that Pakistanis who could not read and write would not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia for employment. The measure had been taken to counter problems created by the illiterate manpower in the country, the statement said. It added that all Pakistani recruiting agencies had also been directed to dispatch applications of all the people wanting to go to Saudi Arabia in line with the new manpower laws. If needed, the applicants could also be tested in Urdu during the scrutiny of their applications, the statement said.

Source: Daily Times, 23/10/2008

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  1. Its good for both of the countries. Illiterate Pakistanis people create many problems and bad image for Pakistan. Pakistan should also create opportunities for its illiterate sector by creating awareness and providing free of cost trainings.

    Kind regards…

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