First Overseas Pakistani to run in EU polls from Sweden

By Shahab Ansari
Nasim Malik has become the first Pakistani expatriate likely to become a candidate from Sweden for the European Union Elections, to be held in 2009.
President of the Social Democrats and a Reserve Member of the Swedish Parliament, Nasim Malik is the first ever Pakistani who has gone so far in the nomination process of this Scandinavian country.

On October 13,2008 the Social Democrats of south east Sweden had passed a list of 10 people to be their candidates for the coming European Union elections scheduled to be held in 2009 in which Nasim Malik happens to be one of the strongest candidate.

While taking to The News from Sweden on Tuesday, Malik said, “I have gone through different stages of the nomination. First was my own area where I live and they nominated me. Then my name was sent to the Kalmar Social Democrats party as their candidates. Then the 12 councils together proposed three names and my name was in it. And now, the social democrats of the southeast have selected 10 names to be sent to the Social Democrats party in Stockholm for the final list.”

Nasim Malik has been a strong advocate of human rights all over the world, particularly on Kashmir and Palestine issues in Sweden as well as in many countries where he had been visiting frequently to review the human rights situation.

He has a special feeling for his country of birth, Pakistan. Malik made a number of trips to Pakistan in the recent past and has been quite disturbed over the deteriorating law and order, human rights and economy.

After the regular incidents of suicide bombings and the socio-political instability topped up with a fast derailing economy, Nasim Malik felt really bad about the state of affairs in Pakistan and commented later to this scribe on his return to Sweden, “The image of Pakistan suffers a lot in the outside world as the result of such heinous acts of terrorism since immediately after the news of a bomb blast spreads all over the world, his fellow politicians, members of the Social Democrat party, his friends in the Swedish government, the Swedish media and his family starts calling him to inquire about his safety and the situation arising afterwards.”

He pointed out that as the result of such gory incidents, all the good things coming this way immediately stop in their tracks since an overall sense of uncertainty started taking over the entire world outside Pakistan about its future. He added, “Acts of terrorism badly damage my efforts for Pakistan and also bring me in a very weak spot since I am one of the biggest advocates of Pakistan and Muslims in Sweden.”

Malik said that Sweden was one of the countries in the world, which was accepting a large number of Pakistani students in its universities without tuition fees and a great number of Pakistani students benefit from this good-will gesture specially in the last three years, and with such incidents, these generous hosts of Pakistani students and the friends of Pakistan start having a different outlook about this society too.”

Malik was of the view that there was a very small group of miscreants who were basically anti-democracy and wanted to bring a bad name to Pakistan and Islam by carrying out such inhuman acts.

Malik Nasim, who is a very strong supporter of democracy, human rights and stability in Pakistan, commented that in these difficult times, Pakistan and its civil society, needed a lot of help in the field of education, democracy and health.

Malik Nasim, a progressive and conscious member of the civil society of his time was very active in student politics in the FC College and later in the Pakistan Peoples Party under the banner of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto prior to the Parlier’s immigration abroad, back in the mid-70s. He said that he would certainly make efforts to bring members of the civil society to Sweden from Pakistan to provide them assistance and education in upholding the democratic norms in their country.

Malik has been sensitising the Swedish civil society to come forward and help the democratic forces in the civil society of Pakistan who are, despite all odds and insecurity, is single-handedly struggling against the anti-democratic forces.

Source: The News, 22/10/2008

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