1,000mw wind energy in Pakistan within few years

Associated Press of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan would be able to produce another 1,000mw power through wind energy within a few years, Director Technical Alternative Energy Development Board Irfan Afzal Mirza said Sunday.
Talking to Voice of Germany (VOG) he said approval had already been accorded to 23 projects. Each project would be able to produce 50mw power. So the country would produce 1,000mw energy through wind within a period of next three to four years.

“We have gone much ahead of file work as 23 investors have already been allotted land. Eight of them have finalised their feasibility. Eight investors have been given power generation licences and four people have even been issued tariff,” he opined.

He said three investors were negotiating with an Indian company Suzman for getting wind turbines of 100mw each.

Pakistan has a God gifted corridor of wind situated in Gharo just 35 km away from Karachi. Land has also been allotted to potential investors to install turbines and produce power through wind.

The first wind turbine having the capacity to generate 6mw would be completed in the last week of November.

“The project will be inaugurated by the president or prime Minister. “We also expect to produce 159 to 200mw energy through wind within next two years,” he added.

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  2. Inshallah, Pakistani management and all the politician will do it together so we will have these all plants in our own country and we’ll never need the energy from other countries if we’ve the capability by our own selves to produce this type of MW by wind turbin i’m working on it as well to produce some energy for short areas and town …… i just request to the PM please work harder and we’ll achieve our targets

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