Lahore Ferozepur Road expansion delayed yet again

* Delay has resulted in project cost doubling                                                                                              
* To be converted into four-lane road
* TEPA chief engineer says increase in cost because of rise in price of construction material

By Mansab Dogar

LAHORE: The Punjab government’s announcement that an elevated expressway would be constructed from Kalma Chowk to Qartaba Chowk has delayed the re-modeling of Ferozepur Road again, despite its first proposal being made over two years ago in the first quarter of 2006.

Sources in the Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning Agency (TEPA) said that delaying the project had already increased its cost, adding that the cost has increased from approximately Rs 700 million to Rs 1,200 million.

Sources said that the National Engineering Services Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (NESPAK) was preparing the elevated expressway’s feasibility report, adding that it was in its final stages. According to this project, the government would construct an expressway over Kalma Chowk that would end at Qartaba Chowk.

TEPA sources claimed that the reason behind an increase in the project’s cost was the inordinate delay in the start of construction, adding that the project’s cost has increased because of the modifications in the project and the increase in the cost of construction materials required.

Revised project: The sources said that under the revised project, Ferozepur Road was to be converted into a four-lane road, including one lane exclusively reserved for buses, ensuring the smooth flow of traffic. They said that this move was also expected to promote public transport. They said a two-lane service road was also supposed to be constructed from Mozang Chungi to the General Hospital, adding that the re-designed plan also included footpaths between the main road and the service lane.

TEPA sources said that the project also included special parking areas and a three-story building near the National Hockey Stadium to control all traffic signals, adding that all of the departments concerned – TEPA, police; traffic police; Rescue 1122; and the Fire brigade would monitor the traffic signals with closed circuit cameras from the central control room in the building.

Increase: TEPA Chief Engineer Khushal Khan said that the project would be initiated after a feasibility report for the elevated expressway has been prepared, adding that the project’s cost has only increased because of the increase in prices of the construction material required.

Source: Daily Times, 13/10/2008

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