Feathered friends fascinate Lahoris

* Organiser says Grand Bird Show organised to commemorate World Animal and Bird Day

LAHORE: The Budgerigar Society of Pakistan organised the Grand Bird Show at a local hotel on Sunday, with a wide variety of birds present to educate the masses about the benefits of keeping birds. A large number of people attended the function to see the various bird species, which included around 500 participants in the bird competition. The organisers of the event had invited experts from India and England to serve as judges of the competition.

Around 300 Budgerigar and 200 Cockatiel birds were also on display at the exhibition. According to the organisers, the bird show was organised to inculcate a love of birds in the citizens and create awareness about the protection required by the birds of the city.

World Animal and Bird Day: One of the organisers, Naveed Ejaz, told Daily Times that show had been arranged in connection with World Animal and Bird Day, which was commemorated throughout the world on October 4. He said that the society had delayed its celebration of the event because of Eid, adding that next year, the show would be held on October 4, in line with the global community.

Ejaz said that the society promoted an owner-based policy, adding that it urged the people to breed the birds themselves. He said that 25 birds of various rare species had been displayed at the show for the admiration of the families attending the event. He said that the families, and children in particular, had enjoyed the show and had greatly appreciated the large variety of birds on display.

According to Ejaz, it is very easy to distinguish between male and female birds on most occasions. He said that males usually have a blue cere, i.e. the nose above the beak in the male is usually blue in color. Conversely, the female usually has a white cere, which can change colour to a dark brown shade when the female is ready to breed. He said that experts could easily distinguish between the genders even when the birds were very young because of these characteristics.

The organiser also said that the budgerigar society had used the occasion to provide information about the breeding habits of local birds to the attendants. He said people could make the city a more peaceful and beautiful place by encouraging the keeping of birds.

Source: Daily Times, 13/10/2008


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