ISLAMABAD: Germans think of a new way to reduce Taliban militancy

By Rauf Klasra
The German government is said to have quietly backed a unique proposal to recruit jobless youth of the war-torn tribal areas for their companies operating in the Middle East in a bid to stop them from falling in the hands of terrorists organisations.

A top-level source claimed that as a result of this major development, jobless Pashtun youths might be offered jobs abroad, instead of becoming hired assassins for terrorist organisations run by the Taliban.

The readiness of the German government to recruit labour force from the tribal areas has been brought to the notice of President Asif Zardari who, sources said, highly appreciated the move.

Top-level sources have confirmed that the new proposal to hire youths from the tribal areas for jobs in the Middle East countries was actually put forward at the forum of Pakistan-Afghanistan Parliamentary Information Exchange Programme last month.

The host country of this conference — Germany — is said to have highly appreciated this move, which came up for discussion in the meeting of this group. Earlier, parliamentary delegations of Pakistan and Afghanistan were invited by Konrad Adenauer Foundation of Germany. The Pakistan delegation was represented by Senators Rukhsana Zuberi, Enwar Baig, Seemi Siddiqi, Dr Khanzada, MNAs Chaudhry Abdul Gahfoor and Aneed Azeem.

Sources said during interaction between the Afghan and the Pakistani parliamentarians, which continued for seven days in Berlin, important personalities and dignitaries of the German government were also present, who actively participated in the dialogue between the two neighbouring countries.

The rising threat of Talibanisation in the tribal areas was one of the major points of discussion among the participants from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Germany. An insider said during the course of this dialogue facilitated by German officials, at one point Senator Enwar Baig proposed to the host country that the best way to stop recruitment of “prospective terrorists” would be for the German companies operating in the Middle East to employ the unemployed youth of the Pakistani tribal areas.

He w Source: The News, 13/10/2008

as of the view that the terrorists’ phenomenon being basically economic, a deliberate labour manpower export program should be designed and launched forthwith to draw the impressionable Pashtun youths from the radical influence of the Mullahs.

Talking to The News, Senator Enwar Baig confirmed that the proposal to recruit jobless youth of the tribal areas to stop them from falling into the hands of terrorist organisations in those areas was seriously discussed at the forum in Berlin.

Baig said the proposal was put forward at this forum simply because the rapid Talibanisation of those areas was directly linked with rising unemployment in the tribal areas. Senator Baig said he had already brought this important proposal backed by the German government to the notice of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Source: The News, 13/10/2008

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