Senate body to protect rights of overseas Pakistanis

Urges government to take steps for their welfare

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Labour, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis, which met here at the Parliament House on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Senator Naeem Hussain Chattha, has vowed to make efforts to protect the rights of Pakistanis living abroad and contributing to the national exchequer in the form of foreign exchange.

According to a press release, the committee termed the overseas Pakistanis a valuable asset and urged the government to take steps for their welfare so that they might feel comfortable and work efficiently to bring a good name to the homeland.

The committee, while having a briefing on the housing schemes launched for the overseas Pakistanis, observed that the development work on the Islamabad Housing Scheme should be expedited and the boundary wall should be constructed as soon as possible.

The members of the committee were happy to learn that contract had been awarded to the FWO and directed the ministry that the project should be completed within the stipulated time. The committee noted with concern that members of the board of governor and other high-ups had been allotted plots, which had deprived many deserving overseas Pakistanis from their right to own a plot back home in the federal metropolis.

In this connection, the body directed the ministry to cancel all such plots immediately and to allot to genuine overseas Pakistanis. The committee, however, endorsed the view of the ministry and the OPF that increase in fee for intending emigrants from Rs 1,050 to Rs 2,000 was inevitable due to the current level of inflation.

Regarding the status of recruitment by the Overseas Employment Corporation to South Korea, the committee urged the Ministry of Labour and Manpower to send more work force so that people could avail working opportunities in South Korea and contribute to the economy of the country.

Earlier, senior officials of the ministry and its attached departments apprised the committee of the reasons why the OPF had increased the fee for the intending emigrants and the status of the Islamabad Housing Scheme 1.

The meeting was attended among others by Senators Mrs Fauzia Fakhruzzaman, Muhammad Enver Baig, Sahibzada Khalid Jan, Saleem Saifullah Khan and Mrs. Semeen Siddiqui besides Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah, Minister for Labour, Manpower & Overseas Pakistanis and senior officials of the ministry and OPF.

The News,Wednesday, October 08, 2008



1 thought on “Senate body to protect rights of overseas Pakistanis”

  1. Zafar Kamal Hashmi

    Overseas Pakistanis are a great economical and financial asset of Pakistan but their so-called rights are never practised. I would like to bring a very important issue in the notice of our authorities, the PM, CM of all provinces and most valuable Honourable Chief Justice of Pakistan for immediate attention.

    One Pakistani person, who is very competent, qualified and got a government job after a long struggle. He is selected to work overseas. At the time of his departure, he is not given Ex-Pakistan leave and finally he has to resign the service. At his return of precious services for his country, he is deprived from his previous job because the service he resigned or left is not open for him.

    This is my intimate request to kindly make a rule that every Pakistani who plays a vital role in increasing the economy of the country by joining overseas must be given Ex-Pakistan leave on priority basis and in the case of resign, he must be joined to his previous services at priority.
    Zafar Kamal Hashmi

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