Motorola to deploy WiMAX network in Pakistan for wi-tribe

LAHORE: Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) has announced that it has signed a multi-year WiMAX contract with wi-tribe Pakistan limited, the all-new wireless broadband internet provider to enter the country.

Motorola will supply infrastructure and a comprehensive services package that will enable cost-effective, compelling wireless broadband services for wi-tribe’s customers.

wi-tribe Pakistan Limited is a joint venture between Qatar Telecom (Qtel) and Saudi Arabia’s A.A. Turki Group of Companies (ATCO). wi-tribe aims to deliver instant wireless broadband connectivity from North Africa across the Middle East and up to Asia (AMESA region).

“WiMAX is changing the way people are connecting and is opening doors to a new world of opportunities,” said Mohammad Sadiq, CEO of wi-tribe Pakistan limited. “We will be offering high-speed Internet that is simple, affordable, and a portable alternative to fixed broadband. The Motorola WiMAX solution frees customers from the fixed line services.”

Ali Amer, vice president sales, Middle East, Africa and Pakistan, Motorola Home & Networks Mobility, said: “WiMAX will become a driving force in Pakistan. This is why Motorola stands at the forefront of such an important industry standard that enables progressive service providers such as wi-tribe to launch high-speed, rich, yet affordable communications services.”

Motorola will begin deploying wi-tribe’s WiMAX network from this month in the 3.5GHz spectrum. Commercial launch is expected during 2009. Motorola will supply award-winning equipment from its WiMAX portfolio including the WAP 400 WiMAX access point, which features diversity MIMO antenna capabilities to enable strong indoor penetration.


Source: The Post, 7/10/2008

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