ISLAMABAD: Henna tattoos add to Eid festivities 1

The latest type of henna “glitter tattoos” in different patterns and designs are available in the markets of twin cities, as colourful henna tattoos with shimmery appeal add magnificence to the Eid festivities. Shiny bangles, jewellery, bright clothes with matching footwear are part and parcel of the Eid festivities but applying glittering henna on hands and feet bring real fun for the young girls on “Chand Raat”. “The shopping of bangles and henna always doubles the joy on Eidul Fitr. I like to decorate my hands with henna, we spend “Chand Raat” with our cousins eating sweets and embellish hands and feet with the glittering henna,” Rabia, a young girl expressed her views while reminding the eve of Eid. Now the henna tattoos are also available in markets and are easy to paste on hands and feet and can be removed easily. The young girls admire henna tattoos associated with celebrations of Eid specifically. Sometimes henna tattoos are done on the bride’s wrist instead of a bracelet. Pasting tattoos on hands and feet are the way to share the feelings of happiness and what we perceive with love. The henna tattoos applied on hands or feet are also pasted at ankles or neck. Such tattoos matching with an adequate colour of dress can also be selected and applied. App


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