Pakistan gets Rising Star status

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ISLAMABAD: A latest survey carried out by a leading international publishing house – Thomson Reuters in its publication Science Watch – has recognised efforts of the Higher Education Commission in recent years by calling Pakistan a ‘Rising Star’ in the field of science and engineering.

It has been said in the survey that the countries with the highest percentage increase in total citations are included in the list of 12 countries of the world. The five fields in which Pakistan has achieved the highest increase are computer science, engineering, material science, mathematics, and plant and animal science.It is for the first time in the history that Pakistan has been given ‘Rising Star’ status in so many fields due to a tremendous progress in the higher education during the last 6 years resulting in a significant increase in publications and citations by the universities and research centres.

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) was established to focus on the higher education sector and in a short period of six years it has sent over 2,500 scholars for PhD studies to leading universities in the US and Europe, tripled university enrolments, brought about a 400 percent increase in research output, launched a digital library to provide free access to 45,000 textbooks and research monographs and 23,000 international journals and introduced a four-year undergraduate system.

These achievements have been termed spectacular in a recent USAID report and applauded in a World Bank report as well as by the world’s top science journal – Nature – in an editorial published on August 28.


Courtesy: The Post, 26/9/2008

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