Punjab University achieves breakthrough in research on Teak Sagwan

LAHORE: Punjab University Department of Botany has got breakthrough in the growth and production of Teak Sagwan. Precious timber, which is considered to be the most expensive by its quality and price, could be developed in maximum quantity from it. Department of Botany Chairman Dr Rass Masood briefed this in a special sitting here at New Campus. He said there are a number of floral, medicated plants and fruit trees in PU Botanical Garden and the department is providing useful information to the students, researchers and people by carrying out research on these plants and trees.He said Teak Sagwan is an important kind of tree that has the capacity to produce abundant timber (wood). The tree was planted in PU Botanical Garden after importing from Burma in 1967-68.

He said the tree is found in humid tropical zone and as Pakistani atmosphere is not suitable for the growth of this tree therefore the growth of the Sagwan was not possible here but PU research has made it possible. He said Dr Fahim Aftab, a faculty member of the department, has planted the tree by using Tissue Culture Technique, which is great success for PU, and the number of Teak Sagwan have been raised to 25 in the PU Botanical Garden. He said a green house has been under-construction in the garden which will help protect the rare plants found in desert and high chill areas by maintaining a specific quantity of light, temperature and air pressure. He said two lakes are also being constructed to carry out experiments and develop the growth of water plants ‘Acquatic Flora’. He said PU has the biggest Botanical Garden of Punjab province covering an area of 35 acres. He said that there are number of rare plants in the Botanical Garden and Red Acacia is one among these plants and trees.

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