Interest rates on Pakistan National Saving Schemes from October-12

For latest NSS profit rates effective from September 2018, please click below;

For Special Saving Certificates profit rate click here

For Regular Income Saving Certificates profit rate click here

For Defense Saving Certificates profit rate click here

For Behbood Saving Certificates profit rate click here

80 thoughts on “Interest rates on Pakistan National Saving Schemes from October-12”

  1. Dear Rahim, Power of Attorney is a long and cumbersome procedure. Why to adopt this way which in our Urdu language is called “via Bathinda”.

    I and my wife have two monthly income schemes. Every six months or a year I get the due profit from NSC through a Bank Cheque issued in my name, forwarded to me abroad and then I send it to my Pakistan Bank Account. Simple as it is.

    The fact is most of the above questions are from people who does not have the minimum ability to read properly. They just have money and want information and depend on “you”. 90% question on this web are waste of time viz answers to those are already available on the web but they do not want to take pain to ready properly and understand.

    I am always appreciative of your painful efforts in keeping this web. It is my advice that you ignore these stupid questions and answer only those queries answers to which are not available on these pages or which have not already been explained and thus saved time you give to updating this site which since long is awaiting your attention as you had been paying some years back.

    Regards and ever wishing you well

  2. muhammad ghulam ahmed

    sir,i am 78 years old..i also get pension.i am retired from food department..i want to deposit 200000 rupees.what will be the new rate of interest..and how much money i would get from this account…thanks..ghulam ahmed

    1. New profit rate on Behbood Saving Certificates is is 14.64%. Profit will be 1220 rupees per month for each one lakh rupees (Rs.2440 for 200000 investment).


    sir, i am 67 years old, i want to deposit RS- 2500000 in monthly PENSION SCHEME. what is the rate of new rate of interest, and how mutch money i will get monthly of this amount,…thanks…AGHA.S.KHAN

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