Interest rates on Pakistan National Saving Schemes from October-12 80

For latest NSS profit rates effective from September 2018, please click below;

For Special Saving Certificates profit rate click here

For Regular Income Saving Certificates profit rate click here

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For Behbood Saving Certificates profit rate click here

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  • Javed

    Dear Rahim, Power of Attorney is a long and cumbersome procedure. Why to adopt this way which in our Urdu language is called “via Bathinda”.

    I and my wife have two monthly income schemes. Every six months or a year I get the due profit from NSC through a Bank Cheque issued in my name, forwarded to me abroad and then I send it to my Pakistan Bank Account. Simple as it is.

    The fact is most of the above questions are from people who does not have the minimum ability to read properly. They just have money and want information and depend on “you”. 90% question on this web are waste of time viz answers to those are already available on the web but they do not want to take pain to ready properly and understand.

    I am always appreciative of your painful efforts in keeping this web. It is my advice that you ignore these stupid questions and answer only those queries answers to which are not available on these pages or which have not already been explained and thus saved time you give to updating this site which since long is awaiting your attention as you had been paying some years back.

    Regards and ever wishing you well

  • muhammad ghulam ahmed

    sir,i am 78 years old..i also get pension.i am retired from food department..i want to deposit 200000 rupees.what will be the new rate of interest..and how much money i would get from this account…thanks..ghulam ahmed

    • Raheem Post author

      New profit rate on Behbood Saving Certificates is is 14.64%. Profit will be 1220 rupees per month for each one lakh rupees (Rs.2440 for 200000 investment).


    sir, i am 67 years old, i want to deposit RS- 2500000 in monthly PENSION SCHEME. what is the rate of new rate of interest, and how mutch money i will get monthly of this amount,…thanks…AGHA.S.KHAN

  • Amin Muhammad

    Salamz sir , My father has bought 13 lakh Behbood saving certificate and he is over 60 years old and he forget that to whom he has nominate moreover he want to change the name of nominee with out withdraw the certifcates , we went to the behbood saving certificate office but didnt get the satisfactory answer from the officer , i just want to know the proper legal requirements to change the name of the nominee .

    Also is it possible that the one person is the nominee of more then 30 lakh certificates becuase i think there is a limitation on the purchases of the certificates that one can not buy more then 30 lakh how ever want to know that one person can become nominee of more then 30 lakh .

    I will be very much thank ful to you if you reply me asap .

    • Raheem Post author

      @ Amin sahib
      Please contact concerned area office for accurate information.
      Central Directorate of National Savings,
      23-N, Savings House, G-6 Markaz,
      Civic Centre, Islamabad.
      Ph. # 051-9215741-50, Fax 051-9215761

      Regional Directorate:

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Peshawar.
      Building No.1, Mian University Road,
      Tehkal Payan, Peshawar.
      Phone # 091-9218337-38, Fax # 091-9218336

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Abbottabad.
      Savings House,
      Opposite Modernage Public School & College
      Mansehra Road, Supply Bazar,
      Abbottabad Cantt.
      Phone # 0992-9310486, 0992-9310488, Fax # 0992-9310487

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Islamabad.
      Premises No. 12-L Sitara Market, Markaz G-7, Islamabad.
      Phone # 051-9253082-83, Fax # 051-9252485

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Gujranwala.
      28-A, Satellite Town, Gujranwala.
      Phone # 055-9200422, 9200345, Fax # 055-9200352

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Lahore.
      29/30-F, Gulberg-II, Lahore.
      Phone # 042-9263030-31, Fax # 042-992630-31

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Faisalabad.
      650-D, Peoples Colony No.1, Faisalabad.
      Phone # 041-9220465-66, Fax # 041-9220465

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Multan.
      Building No.20-B, Opposite Govt. Girls High School,
      Gulgasht Colony, Multan.
      Phone # 061-9210238, 061-9210240, Fax # 061-9210239

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Bahawalpur
      3-C, Rashid Minhas Road, Model Town-A, Bahawalpur.
      Phone # 062-9255151-53, Fax # 062-9255152

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Sukkur.
      Opposite Al-Faisal Medical Centre, Military Road, Sukkur.
      Phone # 071-9310241-42, Fax # 071-9310247

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Hyderabad.
      Bungalow No.5, Muslim Co-operative Housing Society, Opp. Sindh Museum, National Highway, Hyderabad.
      Phone # 022-9240095-93, 9200345, Fax # 022-9240095

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Karachi
      Shahrah-e-Faisal, Shaeed-e-Millat Chowk, Karachi.
      Phone # 021-34556463, 34544503 Fax # 021-34535591

      Regional Directorate of National Savings, Quetta.
      Banglow No.1, Bolan Hotel, Gulistan Road, Quetta.
      Phone # 081-9201726, Fax # 081-9201726

    • Javed

      Copies of investment papers must always be kept for such references.

      Anyhow if your father does not now in this age remember whom he nominated it is not a big problem. Your effort by visiting the Centre failed which is no surprise at all. Your father should now address a letter through registered mail to the Officer Incharge of the concerned National Saving Centre. In this letter simply in not more than 3 lines tell him that he had Behbood Certificates against Regn No. …….. (this registration number is written by hand on the Certificates. The same single registration number is on all certificates). The letter should further read that “Please delete the name of Nominee given in the Application Form for purchase of above certificates and in lieu thereof please insert the name of MrMs……….. CNIC No…………….) as my sole Nominee for all intents and purposes”. The letter should further advised the Officer Incharge to “acknowledge receipt” which he will 99% not. This however completes the legal formality. But unlike before copy of this letter plus postal receipt must be kept preserved this time. After a month or write to the Director General National Savings Islamabad complaining that you wrote to the officer incharge but he did not give response. You will then get the response from the Centre Incharge and this will be a permanent legal document. No other legal requirement to change the “Nominee”.

      30 lakhs is investment limit. No limit whatsoever how much can be limited to one Nominee.

  • Saeed Ur Rasool


    I have learnt that there is a scheme, giving interest on six monthly basis.

    which scheme ?

  • RAK Balwanjee

    I could not find a single question like it is in my mind. Before asking a question I would like to know that is the real interest rate in Pakistani financial institutions. The real interest rate means the interest rate minus the rate of inflation. Suppose if the interest rate is 13 percent and the rate of inflation is 25 percent, it means the interest rate on savings is minus 12 percent (negative) and the money is depleting at the rate of 12 percent. Interest rates are low all over the world. In USA the highest rate one can get is 1 percent but the inflation is less than 2 percent. Money is depleting here too. To minimize them depletion of money, what is the best option to keep the money here or in Pakistan. Would somebody explain about this point?

    • Javed

      Inflation, GDP, interest, markup, commodity, market trend, market factors, bullish trends etc – if you are so much concentrated on these things then better you keep your money in a water protected polythene bag and dug it underground some where in your house.

  • ali khan

    dear sir i want 2 cash behbood saving certificate they r of my uncle he has give me da certificates n he is abroad i need da money immediately.i had also his original id card so what is da procedure.plz reply soon.

  • sultana barber

    can anyone give myself some good quality advise please. i live in manchester, england. my mother brought bahbood saving certicates over 12 years ago, once it matured after 10 she came back to pakistan, cashed them in and reinvested 300000 this is for her safety for retirement. i am now getting advise from my uncle that when she last revivested the certifacate purchased on 2nd may 2009, they are telling me that she needs to forward her photocopy of her passport and get an id card as soon as possible, to update your systems. before the monthly or yearly shares dissolve. if she dont collect. is this true? or can my mother wait until the term time is up ie ten years which will be 2019? is there a bank i could go to in manchester to solve this problem or does she need to fly out to lahore, to reslove this? she has put me as a nominee and i have power of attorney for her financial affairs as she has become old, vunerable and i do not want my uncle to scam her. any advise and guidance please. thank you

  • Javed

    Read this website attentively, you will find all the information which even the National Savings website does not answer. See the comparison and tabulation of rates of profits for different years the Administrator of this website (perhaps named Mr. Abdul Raheem) has prepared. Every inforamtion is there.

  • Javed

    Read this website attentively, you will find all the information which even the National Savings website does not answer. See the comparison and tabulation of rates of profits for different years the Administrator of this website (perhaps named Mr. Abdul Raheem) has prepared.

  • hatimk

    I have 2 questions.
    1. What happened with the website of National savings. It is down since over a month now.
    2. We know that the compounded rate of SSC is available with the National Savings branches but can anyone provide us the compounded rate table of SSC for the Rates effective from 01 Jan 201, here in this website.

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