ISLAMABAD: Latest shock for top cop 2

By Rauf Klasra
ISLAMABAD: Former Balochistan IG Tariq Khosa, heading a probe into the burial of five women, was shocked to learn that an ill-reputed officer, SSP Ghulam Haider Baloch, whom he had blacklisted for all field jobs as the IG police, was posted as DPO Nasirabad district where the ill-fated women were killed in the name of honour.

DPO Haider Baloch is facing suspension because of his questionable role in the case as he tried to pull it under the rug. Ghulam Haider Baloch is said to have given more importance to mighty politicians of the area than those five unfortunate women who were mercilessly butchered.

The reputed police cop, Tariq Khosa, now serving as DG National Police Bureau, served as IG Balochistan during the tenure of Jam Yousuf but he was not allowed to serve the province for long as he tried to depoliticise the force and improve the law and order situation.

Only for performing the job well, he was sent back to Islamabad and dumped in the National Police Bureau as no political ruler was ready to use his professionalism.

After the brutal killing of three to five women in Nasirabad surfaced, a disciplinary case was sent to the concerned authorities of Balochistan to remove Haider Baloch from his present posting which he had got by using his political clout.

Talking to The News, Tariq Khosa confirmed as the IG Police, Balochistan, he had blacklisted Ghulam Haider Baloch because of his negative reports.

Earlier, sources said after taking charge as the IG Balochistan, Tariq Khosa was trying to team up good officers in the province to fight rising lawlessness.

Tariq believed without putting the right people at the right place, it would not be possible for him to bring about any change in the law and order situation in Balochistan. From the day one, he refused to entertain any pressure from political high-ups.

Khosa was said to have even finalised a list of police officers who, in his view, qualified to be given prominent positions and important duties keeping their honesty and dedication to

the job.

Likewise, he had also developed a negative list of police

officers who, in his assessment, were unfit for any posting in the field.

Tariq Khosa found that DPO, Lasbela district, Ghulam Haider Baloch, was not performing the job he was posted at.

As the then-chief minister Balochistan, Jam Yousuf, also belonged to the same district, Khosa was concerned about the ill-reputed DPO whom he had found prone to political pressure. Soon, Khosa realised that his fears were not unfounded.

Khosa immediately transferred Baloch from Lasbela with remarks on his file that he should not be given any posting in any district of the province as he

was not a fit officer for such postings.

But, last week during the proceedings of the Senate body on human rights, Tariq Khosa was shocked to know that the officer, whom he had blacklisted from field postings, was given a prized posting as DPO Nasirabad and he had not shown any interest in averting the killings.

When Tariq Khosa was expressing his astonishment, the newly appointed IG, Police, Balochistan, Asif Nawaz, was sitting next to him.

Tariq told the meeting

that a case had already been sent to the concerned authorities to remove Baloch from his post as he had badly handled the whole issue.

But, no one had asked Interior Secretary Kamal Shah or IG Balochistan why a blacklisted officer had been appointed as DPO Nasirabad, who had enabled the killers to escape from the long arms of law.

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