A zodiac truth that ‘Leo Zardari’ may love

By Rauf Klasra

ISLAMABAD: For many people, it may merely be superstition that yet another Leo president of Pakistan, the fifth in the last five decades, has landed in the presidency in a country which was created under the same sign on August 14.

After a quick look at the names of, at least, five presidents born under the Leo sign, one is amazed to note that the state of Pakistan, itself a Leo, only allowed those people to rule it who were also born under the same sign, with a complete sense of power, ruthlessness and arrogance.

Before Asif Zardari, the other four Leos who reached the presidency were General Ayub Khan, General Ziaul Haq, Pervez Musahrraf and acting president Muhammadmian Soomro. Though, on official papers, Ayub Khan’s date of birth is May 14, yet many astrologers solemnly claim that he too was a Leo. Asif Zardari was born on July 26, General Zia August 12, General Musharraf August 11 and Muhammadmian Soomro August 19.

However, Asif Zardari may have one distinction that he is the first civilian Leo, who has now become the president. Otherwise, so far only military generals born under the same sign had been ruling Pakistan from the presidency.

The history of Pakistan seems quite strange as far as the role of Leo in ruling this country from presidency is concerned. All the three ruthless dictators had one thing in common that they ruled the country more than 10 years in office. Now, it is not known whether Zardari would be able to rule Pakistan for 10 years as was the case with Ayub, Zia and Musharraf.

On the other hand, only two presidents were born under the sign of Capricorn but both could not rule for 10 years like Leo presidents. For example, Zulikfar Ali Bhutto had elevated Fazal Elahi ( January 1, 1904)), a Capricorn, as president of Pakistan after he decided to separate the two offices he was holding. But, a toothless Capricorn president could not live long in the presidency after the military coup of General Zia, a Leo, who soon landed in the presidency and continued to rule this country untill he died in an air crash after 10 years.

The second Capricorn president was Ghulam Ishaq Khan (January 20, 1915) who was made the president in 1988 after the demise of a Leo president, Zia. But, he too could not survive in the presidency more than five years, and had to leave the office in a very unceremonious style in 1993 after he locked horns with Nawaz Sharif over power sharing.

Unlike the Capricorn presidents, Leo presidents were more powerful and equally ruthless. Their arrogance coupled with the ruthlessness is said to have greatly helped them to run the country with a tight grip without any rebellion from any side. But, what happened with the country at the hands of these Leo presidents is a different story.

The Capricorn prime ministers like Z A Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif had been trying to pitch themselves against these Leo presidents but, in the end, it were the Leos who defeated them and made them leave the office of prime minister. At least, two Leos — General Zia and General Musharraf — got rid of Capricorn prime ministers. Zia got rid of ZAB and Musharraf sent Nawaz to jail on October 12, 1999.

The Leos who remained presidents of Pakistan shared certain things. For example, they all made tall promises with the people of Pakistan whether holding of elections within 90 days, taking off uniform in December 2002 or restoring the chief judges which they never fulfilled. These Leo presidents used these false promises only to fool the people in the process of getting grip on power. These Leo presidents either hanged or jailed the Capricorn prime ministers like Bhutto and Nawaz and did not show any mercy to them.

The negative qualifies of these five Leo presidents not withstanding, Asif Zardari may at least have one big consolation after landing in the great company of dictators like Ayub, Zia and Musharraf that all these Leo presidents ruled the country more than 10 years. This is a fact that Asif Zardari may love to read in my piece. But, I don’t know how the others like Nawaz Sharif, would react to it that every Leo president remained in the presidency for 10 years and ultimately left Pakistan in greater mess!

Courtesy: The News, September 07, 2008

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