Conflicting predictions about ‘President Zardari’

KARACHI: A number of prominent astrologers of the country have put forth contradictory predictions regarding the PPP Co-chairman and presidential candidate Asif Ali Zardari.

Some of them have calculated that Asif Zardari, as the President of Pakistan, will have a smooth sailing. Regarding his health, they say Zardari will attain the age of 90 years. There will be attempts on his life during 2009 and 2011 but he will survive. Zardari will prove to be a successful president and would continue to remain on the post for quiet a long period. They say terrorism will be reduced to a great extent during Zardari’s tenure and the image of the country will improve globally. The Army will support Zardari’s moves in this regard. On the international scenario, Pakistan’s relations with India and China will improve.

They also say the economy of the country will recover by the beginning of the year 2009. However, others have warned of great dangers to the country and even to Zardari’s life including A S Chaudhry alias Mamoon.

Astrologer Humayun Afzal Butt says the people born on July 26 have inborn leadership capabilities. Such people are farsighted, think deeply before taking any decision and are sure of the outcome of their decisions. Such people always want to lead and do not want to be led.

Regarding Zardari’s personal life, Butt said Zardari was loyal to his children and would always remain so. “It is most likely that he will remarry within four months but will not be satisfied with the woman he marries.”

On the other hand, well-known astrologer A S Chaudhry alias Mamoon says the time of the election of the prime minister and the president was very unfavourable. Mamoon sees disturbances in the country and claims that upcoming three to four months will be very difficult for both Zardari and Pakistan. He observes that September 5, 6 and 7 are very unfavourable dates for the election and would be very bad for the country if anyone was elected as president on these days.

At present, Mamoon says Zardari has more enemies than friends around him. He says it is a dangerous time for the country and is not proper for the election of the president, and whosoever is elected would be cause harm to the country. Mamoon also sees that Zardari will be out of the political scene of the country within four months, while his life will be in danger.

Astrologer Moazzam Khan suggests it would have been better if the presidential election was held two days after September 6. He says the month of September 2008 would be favourable for Zardari but he will have a difficult time in November and December 2008, while there are signs of breakdown of the coalition government. There is also danger to Zardari’s life during those two months, he says. Khan also sees disturbances in the Punjab in the near future.

However, Zardari will have a good time if he controls the situation in the coming six months, but there appears no possibility that he will make it. Khan says Zardari will have no problem with his health but his death will be accidental. His terms with his children will become tense with the passage of time. However, Khan predicts Zardari will not remarry.

Known palmist Yaseen Wattoo says there will be an improvement in the situation after the election. He says it is a good omen for Pakistan if Zardari becomes the president. He will manage to woo the PML-N and both big parties will rule the country together. Wattoo sees there is no possibility of his second marriage. His government will, however, complete its tenure of five years, and there will be improvement in relations with the US.

The fortuneteller Prof Fazal Karim says Zardari will become the president but would not be able to rule long and his government will fail. The professor says it will be a good government if anyone like Faryal Talpur or Javed Hashmi is made the president of the country. His calculations say that the PML-N and the Q-League will form the coalition government. He says Zardari’s government will fail after committing mistakes. It will be difficult for the government to continue up to 2009, while it will not be there in 2010. The professor sees obstacles in Zardari’s family life but there is a possibility of marriage with a girl whose name begins with H or J, who will be his old acquaintance. She will be fair coloured, average height and a resident of Lahore.

Palmist Matiur Rahman says Zardari will remove all the unconstitutional powers held by President Musharraf, thus improving the image of the country. He says the PPP and the PML-N will join hands again and the coalition will complete its five-year tenure. He says there will be a new party within the PPP but Zardari will manage the situation. A woman will enter Zardari’s life after two years as his second wife. Also, the US will stop or reduce attacks on the tribal areas after Zardari becomes the president of the country.


Source: The News, 6/9/2008


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