Political upheaval in Pakistan after presidential polls: Rasheed

LAHORE: Awami Muslim League Chairman Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed has predicted a very severe political upheaval in the Punjab after the presidential polls on September 6.

Addressing a press conference at his party office here on Sunday, Sheikh Rasheed said it was unfortunate that the power of the country was going to inefficient people. Criticising the leaders possessing ‘average’ political wisdom, he said they should come forward to save the country from further crisis. He, however, dispelled the impression that there was any electricity crisis in the country.

He said the tension between the government and the individual power producing companies had caused load-shedding. He claimed the load-shedding could end only in one week if he was given power for just three days.’

When asked to comment over the nomination of Justice (Retd) Saeeduzzaman Siddiqui as the presidential candidate by the PML-N, Sheikh Rasheed said Nawaz had a long acquaintance with judges whether they were Rafiq Tarar or Nasim Hassan Shah.

He said those who claimed to have nominated Dr Abdul Qadeer as the presidential candidate, had not paid any heed to him as it did not serve their political interests. He said the situation would have been much better had the politicians paid attention to solving the public issues, rather than the issue of Justice Iftikhar.

He said not to talk of the foreign investment in the country, even cricket teams were not willing to play the game in Pakistan. To a question what about what the political situation of the country would be in the near future, he said the country might witness a ‘change’ in November or December. About the candidature of Asif Ali Zardari for the slot of president, he said the PPP had the right to get hold of presidency as nation had given it the mandate.

He said Zardari would have to face real challenges afterwards which he would realise later. He said a negative image of Zardari was being portrayed in the Western media as pressure building tactic. When asked to comment on Nawaz Sharif’s statement that he had been ditched by Zardari, Sheikh said a good politician was one who could see what was to come and not blame others.

Source: The News, 1/9/2008

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