Who should be the Next President of Pakistan?

Following are the results of the recent polls conducted at Overseas Pakistani Friends website. Although a limited number of visiting friends participated in the polls but the results are very interesting.


The visitors were asked to choose the name of their choice from the five prominent figures at the fore front at present.


  • 1. Nawaz Sharif favored by 5% of the participants.
  • 2. Aitzaz Ahsan is chosen by 8% of the participants.
  • 3. Iftikhar Chaudhry is favorite candidate of 12% of the participants.
  • 4. 15% of the participants endorsed Asif Zardari as their candidate.
  • 5. And 26% love the see Dr. A. Q. Khan as the next President of Pakistan.
  • 6. Where as 35% of the participants do not like to see any one of the above personalities as the President of Pakistan.



Opinion poll still continues and the visiting friends are invited to participate.

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