Not in this century! —Nadeem Ul Haque

need more ideas. Could you please send me your questions that could fit this answer. Please note that there are still 92 more years in this century. That is three generations! How sad!

I am hoping to develop a new quiz show and I need your help. The point is to think up as many questions as you can that can be answered with the headline of this article — “not in this century!”

Listed below are all the questions I can think of that can easily be answered by the title of this article — “Not in this century!”

Sports and achievement

When will Pakistan host the Olympics?

When will we be the seventh largest winner of Olympic medals given that we are the seventh largest country population-wise?

When will we win major tournaments like Wimbledon?

When will we be counted in the world of sport commensurate to our size?

When will we have professionalism: in the army; in the civil service; in business; in academia; anywhere?

Learning and innovating

When will we win the Nobel Prize?
When will we become innovators?
When will Pakistanis start participating in the race for patents?
When will we engage in serious research? When will we count in education?
When will our universities be a destination of choice for foreign students?
When will professors and professionals desire to come to our country?
When will Nobel Laureate Abdus Salam be accepted and major landmarks and a university named after him?

Cities and urban development

When will we have cosmopolitan cities that will be considered destinations of choice?
When will we have dense and interesting city centres?
When will we host some world event like a serious convention or a trade show?
When will we have the tallest building in the world?
Or will we ever have a building that lists in the top hundred in the world in any terms, height, beauty innovation etc?
When will we contribute to the world of architecture and design?
When will Pakistan be a tourist destination?
When will we have cities that are not dominated by cantonments?
When will land development be free of the army and done on professional lines?

Corporate sector

When will we have a world-class corporate sector?
When will our companies be listed in the Forbes or Fortune list of the best companies in the world?
When will we have serious multinationals like Tata, Reliance, Taj?
When will we have entrepreneurship as opposed to rentseeking?
When will businessman spend more time running their business without running after the government for subsidies and payoffs?
When will markets work well in Pakistan?


When will we have a vibrant equal opportunity society?
When will we have public libraries in every neighbourhood like most civilised countries?
When will our children have community centres where they can engage in social, learning and community activities?
When will we have classy parties and weddings rather than political and networking extravaganzas so we can fete friends and brides and grooms rather than presidents and the spoilt powerful?
When will women and minorities be emancipated?

Governance and leadership

When will we have statesmen and learned men in leadership positions, people who are more interested in policy, reform and change, than just protocol?
When will our leaders value their tryst with history over merely running around, collecting banquets and wasting time on photo-ops?
When will our leaders stop using inane and childish remarks like “I am not scared of anybody!”?
When will policy be made by our technocrats in positions of power, as opposed to merely aping what the donors tell us or relying on ad hoc committees comprising businessmen who benefit from the policies they design?
When will we have a serious professional civil service?
When will educated accomplished people get elected to parliament?
When will appointments be made on merit and not on one’s relationship with political bosses?
When will dynasties end?
Please note that there are still 92 more years in this century. That is three generations! How sad! I need more ideas. Could you please send me your questions that could fit this answer.

The writer is an economist

Source: Daily Times, 28/8/2008


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