Requirements for president of Pakistan 1

* Elections to be held within a span of 30 days once the post is vacant

LAHORE: The candidate for the office of the President of Pakistan must be a Muslim, no less than 45 years old and must meet the qualifications for a candidate of the National Assembly, Punjab University Law College Professor Samee Ozair told APP on Sunday.

Professor Ozair said that the requirements for the candidacy were dealt with exclusively in Part-III of the constitution and more specifically Articles 41 to 49. He said that according to Article 41, Subsection 5, the election of the president is to be held no more than 30 days after the occurrence of the vacancy. He said that according to clause (7), in accordance with provisions of the second schedule, the members of both houses and provincial assemblies would constitute the Electoral College for the election.

Court: Subsection 6 stipulates that the election of the president shall not be called into question by or before any court or authority. Article 42 of the constitution says that the president must take oath before the chief justice of Pakistan before taking office. Professor Ozair also said that the term of the office of the president is five years and a person cannot hold office for more than two consecutive terms. He said that according to Article 44 Subsection 3, the president could resign by a handwritten letter addressed to the speaker of the National Assembly. He also said that according to Article 49, if the president is unable to perform his duties, then the chairman of the Senate, or if he is unable to act, then the speaker of the National Assembly will be acting president until one is elected. app

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  • Muhammad Rauf Tariq

    Sir I am the student of Civics in F.C.College Lahore.
    Please reply me with the Full Requirements of being President of Pakistan & Powers of President also.
    I am very Thankful to You for this act of Kindness on me.