President Musharraf likely to resign today: reports 1

ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf will address the nation today at 1pm in which he is expected to resign, according to reports.

Some sources confirmed to Geo News that president could announce his resignation in today’s address to the nation. “President Musharraf has made up his mind to resign before the impeachment motion is tabled in the assembly,“ sources confirmed.

According to Geo News correspondent, some friend countries were trying to broker a deal to protect and save President Musharraf. “President Musharraf has agreed to resign on the condition that he would be given indemnity and would not be tried, sources said.

Sources further said the president would address the nation as part of understanding.

When contacted by Geo News, President’s spokesman Rashid Qureshi said President would not resign and added he was unaware of any decision regarding resignation. However, he later confirmed that President Musharraf would address to the nation at 1pm afternoon today.

According to some sources, it was agreed by political powers that President Pervez Musharraf would stay at Army House in Rawalpindi for short period even after resignation.

The News, 18/8/2008

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  • zainab hussain

    I salute my great presdent and my great and best leader and asset of pakistan president pervaiz musharaff shahab the best. i really like the president musharaff shahab alot he is the great and he will always remain the best.