Dollar traded for Pak Rs 76.10 on 13th August 2008


: US dollar was traded for Rs 74.70 in the open money markets here Tuesday trading session while mixed trend has been observed in the rates of other major currencies including euro, pound sterling and the Australian dollar.
The rates of greenback further surged by 60 paisa on buying and 50 paisa on selling in the open markets against the rupee and its trading closed at Rs 74.50 on buying and Rs 74.70 on selling.Declining trend has been observed in the prices of euro and decreased by 40 paisa on buying and 60 paisa on selling versus rupee in the open currency markets and its trading finished at Rs 110.50 on buying and Rs 110.80 on selling.

Australian dollar also showed similar drive witnessed a decline of Re 1.20 paisa on buying and Re 1 on selling versus local currency in the in the open currency markets amidst fresh buying here on Tuesday trading period and its trading closed at Rs 64.50 on buying and Rs 65 on selling.

The rates of pound sterling surged versus rupee and its trading closed at Rs 141.10 on buying and Rs 141.40 on selling. Increasing trend was seen in the rates of Saudi riyal, UAE dirham and Kuwaiti dinar against rupee.

Saudi riyal increased by 10 paisa on both buying and selling versus rupee in open markets and closed at Rs 19.70 on buying and Rs 19.75 on selling.

UAE dirham also showed same drive and its trading closed at Rs 20.15 on buying and Rs 20.20 on selling. While the Kuwaiti dinar closed at Rs 276 on buying and Rs 276.50 selling.

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According to TV reports, dollar traded for as high as 76.10 in open market on 13th August.

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