Converting coal into value added products in Pakistan

By Naveed Arif Mianoor

I have worked a lot on “coal to value added products” and I have met the technology holders of Inner Mongolia Shenhua plant. They have prepared first presentation on all Pakistan coal sites by seeing its coal (lignite) composition.

 I stayed in London for five months only to see top CTL technologists. I have also been in contact with Sasol, they have been sending questionnaires to me , Pakistan government needs to understand that coal to liquids gives you power at a very low price , when the coal is gasified and then for ft process all the flare gas during the liquefaction is done, the gas is compressed and converted into power. Every 10,000bpd of plant will give you 100mw after internal use .

The DCL technology gives better yield which Chinese are using.18 plants have been licensed for gasification & ft also.

I have been working on CTL since long, keep in mind SASOL was making money when crude oil was less then $40 per barrel and now it has reached the highest of all time , Pakistan coal have high moisture, when coal drying is used then almost all of its moisture is removed, then the BTU level increases. Still we can get oil at $50 a barrel and reduce our dependency on imports which is killing our economy, USD$ 12billion import of crude oil and refined products will destroy us, the only way to deal with this crisis is to erect 25% coal based synfuel plants on urgent basis.

Montana governor has guaranteed financing for the project, technology, off take products, no tax and shortest time to achieve turn key projects. Think about it and MAKE IT HEADLINES.


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