Islamabad Rawal Lake an awe-inspiring tourist resort

Sajeela Ahmed

ISLAMABAD: The mesmerizing Rawal Lake View attracts a large number of visitors, who come to witness the enthralling beauty of water and enjoy a serene atmosphere.

A good variety of trees and flowers, secluded sideway tracks and the light rays coming from the boughs of vegetation enhance the exquisiteness of the spot.

The 25-acre resort, opened in April last year by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), has almost all facilities of a world class resort.

It has the food spots and boats to enjoy rides and buses that run on the main track from near the parking area right to the lake.

The lake also has 200 electricity poles, special streetlights along with the river banks giving a magnificent look of the glinting water, 15 umbrellas that have been fixed to provide relaxing points and a parking area with a capacity of 600 vehicles.

The terraces of the gardens of the resort provide the visitors with a clear and marvelous view of the lake which covers an area of 8.8 sq km.

The heavy tourist response justifies the huge investment made here by the CDA and proves the authority chose the right place for the right reason. It also reveals the ingenuity and innovative skills of its designer who planned it keeping in view the demands of the natural topography and interests and preferences of the people.

Talking to The Post, Muhammad Naseer, who had come from Gujrat along with his family, said, “This is a wonderful resort where one can spend several hours without being bored, rejoicing in the beautiful sights of the astounding natural beauty.”

He further said, “It is made on European style of construction and therefore attracts a good number of foreigners as well.”

However, he pointed out bottles and wrappers floating on the water surface near the point where the people board the motorboats and said, “People should feel their citizenry obligations and the authorities should also clean the water surface daily.”

An artist, Muneeb Khan, who had come along with his guests, said the CDA has done a commendable work to beautify the capital city and has turned it into an attractive tourist destination. He said the Lake View is a place worth visiting.

Although the CDA has arranged boating, proper benches, lighting, swings for children, huts for picnickers to have food and sit together without being disturbed and has decorated the place in an excellent way yet a few things were spoiling the beauty of the spot.

The authorities have kept there dustbins to keep the place clean but when the people throw waste in those bins it starts reeking after some time.

Pointing out another problem he said the bees have made their hives near Red Onion Snacks which could create trouble anytime for the visitors, especially the children and the elderly.

The CDA official Sohail Ursani, the Project Director of Rawal Lake View, told The Post that the spot was getting very good tourist response.” About 10,000 to 15,000 people visit the place daily and at weekends the number increases to 25,000,” he added.

When asked about people’s complaints, he said these would be addressed without any delay.

Source: The Post, 10/8/2008

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