US working with Pakistan to deal with ISI: Pentagon

Washington: With the ISI coming under pressure following the allegations that it was involved in the Indian embassy attack in Kabul, the United States has said it is working with Islamabad to deal with the issue.
“With regards to the Pakistani intelligence services, I think that’s been historically an issue in that country. There are signs that it remains so. And we ٌ the two governments — are working to deal with those problems,” said Geoff Morrel, Pentagon Press Secretary.

The Pentagon also said a “very, very small numbers of US Special Forces are operating in a training capacity in Pakistan, not out on joint missions, but on a fixed site, training Pakistani forces at the invitation of the Pakistani government.”

The US was particularly pleased to see that Pakistan was involved in operations in the federally administered tribal areas (Fata) but said “robust efforts” were needed to tackle the problem. “We have seen and continue to see Pakistani military operations in the Fata, and we are pleased to see that. But, this needs to be a concerted and consistent effort to go after the militants to prevent them from either creating training grounds and safe havens within Pakistan or going into Afghanistan and causing trouble there,” the senior Pentagon official said.

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