Islamabad: Cyber unit of police begins operations 1

Cyber Unit, at the cost of Rs500, 000, of the city police has started working at Rescue-15.

The unit has been established to curb crimes and fraud committed through internet, chips and SIMs. Students of various universities have also helped set up the unit.

The unit will educate the people about the proper, healthy and educational usage of internet. And, it will also create awareness about harmful effects of the misuse of the net and block the obnoxious sites.

The unit will trace the e-mails and address hackers, misuse of credit and ATM cards. Besides, it will also help the police in tracing terrorism activity and avoid such incidents.

The unit is investigating a case in which a mobile phone user has received obnoxious calls and messages, but interestingly the number did not appear on the mobile of the receiver. Students of Margalla Panthers and a committee constituted by the Federal Investigation Agency are assisting the police to run the unit. The committee will also train personnel of fire-brigade, hospitals, civil defense to assist the police.

A project concept (PC-I) of the unit is being prepared and would be soon submitted to the concerned authority for approval.

Source: daily Dawn, 4/8/2008

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