Islamabad: OIC observer gives new turn to ISI issue 1

By Ansar Abbasi
ISLAMABAD: An observer of the Organisation of Islamic Conference has claimed that the recent transfer of the ISI under the Interior Ministry’s control was aimed at giving a free hand to the UN investigators to probe Benazir Bhutto’s murder case and even question the prime intelligence agency of the country.
Brussels’ based Muhammad Faisal, who is an observer for the Islamic countries and also claims to be an international mediator, told The News on phone from Belgium that according to his information, international investigators wanted to bring the ISI within the scope of their investigations in the Benazir Bhutto’s murder case.

Pakistan has recently requested the UN to probe Benazir’s assassination but the UN secretary general is yet to formally respond if he has accepted the Islamabad’s request or not. But Muhammad Faisal, while referring to his international sources, claimed that the UN detectives wanted a free hand and for that they had even hinted to the Government of Pakistan to bring the ISI into the probe. The PPP-led coalition government, he said, transferred the ISI under the Interior Ministry’s control for the same reason.

Faisal said that 10 international detectives were to visit Pakistan to launch the probe but now this would only happen if they were allowed to probe anyone in any state institution. On the other hand, the ISI, according to Faisal, wanted to scan the credentials of these detectives as most of such international investigators also worked for intelligence networks of different powerful nations. Faisal said that he was already opposed to the idea of involving the UN into the Benazir’s murder probe, as it would raise serious questions about the sovereignty of Pakistan. He said such a step would be like pushing Pakistan among failed states.

Source: The News, 3/8/2008

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  • syed ishteyaq

    appreciate Mr Faisal Muhamme & Ansar Abbasi they all de-clear all conspiracy one year before.
    After disclosure Mr Muhammed Faisal that time it was stop but now Saoud Aziz & other arrested
    and they will provide an Engineered Statement to involvement ISI, all poor games.