CIA outlines Pakistan links with militants: Army denies ‘malicious’ report

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army on Wednesday rejected a “malicious” report that a top Central Intelligence Agency official visiting this month confronted Islamabad over ties between the country’s intelligence service and militants. “We reject this report. This is unfounded, baseless and malicious,” Army spokesman Maj Gen Athar Abbas said. “I would like to emphasise here that ISI is a premier intelligence agency which has caught or apprehended maximum Al Qaeda operatives including those … responsible for attacking the US mainland on September 11, 2001,” Abbas said. Afp




CIA outlines Pakistan links with militants: Army denies

Gilani says Pakistan intelligence officials not sympathetic to militants
* CIA, State Dept spokespersons decline to comment on report

WASHINGTON: A senior Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official visited Pakistan this month and confronted Pakistani officials with evidence of ties between the country’s intelligence service and militants in the Tribal Areas, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

Citing defence and intelligence sources, the Times said that the trip by CIA Deputy Director Stephen Kappes demonstrated a harder line being taken against Pakistani ties to those responsible for the surge of violence in Afghanistan, including militant Jalauddin Haqqani

“It was a very pointed message saying, ‘Look, we know there’s a connection, not just with Haqqani but also with the other bad guys and ISI, and we think you could do more and we want you to do more about it,” a senior US official told the Times.

The daily said the meeting could be a sign that the relationship between the CIA and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) “may be deteriorating”.

A US official said there was no evidence of official Pakistani support for Al Qaeda, but there was “genuine and longstanding concerns about Pakistan’s ties to the Haqqani network, which of course has ties to Al Qaeda.”

Sympathies: In an interview broadcast on Tuesday on a PBS television show, Gilani said that to say that some in Pakistan’s intelligence agency are “sympathetic to the militants, this is not believable … we will not allow that”.

No comment: CIA spokeswoman Marie Harf refused to comment on the Times report. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack on Wednesday declined to comment specifically on the story. He however told reporters that Pakistan realises that confronting terrorists along the Pak-Afghan border is “a common fight and a common threat”. Agencies, Daily Times, 31/7/2008

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