Lahore: Punjab University announces admission procedure 27

FOLLOWING the announcement of admission policy 2008, the Punjab University on Tuesday announced the admission procedure.

According to a press statement, the decision was taken at a meeting of the Admission Committee under the chairmanship of Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran.

It was decided that no student union or group would be allowed to establish stalls, display banners, posters at departments during the admission process.

The departments have been directed to establish reception /guidance counters at prominent places on their premises. A notification, No 339 dated 29-07-2008, has been issued to deans, heads of all the departments.

According to the admission process notification; posters/banners containing detailed information/instructions about admission criteria and details of working of merit, last yearيs merit and fee structure will be displayed at the official counter of the respective department.

A separate room will be allocated to facilitate the applicants. The candidates will be provided with facilities including drinking water. Facility of tables and chairs will also be provided to them for filling in the admission forms.

The admission forms will be issued to each candidate and received and entered in a register. A receipt will be issued to the candidate.

Every institute/department/centre/college will maintain a register containing the information about every candidate to whom the form was issued, including his/her name, fatherيs name, address, qualifications and marks.

Each form will have a serial number and it will be stamped with the stamp of the department concerned and signed by the official concerned.

No stall/counter/banner other than the official facilities would be allowed on the premises.

No attestation of admission forms is required. Under no circumstances the admission forms will be issued to any unauthorised person or group of students for use or distribution on behalf of the university or student groups.

The dean and head of the respective department will be responsible for ensuring the compliance of the instructions. A committee under the chairmanship of Dr Athar Amin has also been constituted to ensure the implementation of the instructions.

Members of the committee are Dr Saeed Ahmad Nagra, Dr Akhtar (Zoology), Dr Sajid Ali (Philosophy), Dr Shahid Kamal (Stat), Dr Hafiz Muhammad Iqbal (IER), Dr Shaukat Ali (Physics), Dr Syed Mansoor Sarwar (PUCIT) Shazia (Law College), Zafarullah (PUCAD), Dr Rukhsana Bajwa (MPPL), Dr Tabassam Jamal (Geography), all deans, resident officers and estate officers.

Strict action will be taken against the groups/individuals in case of violation of the rules/regulations and causing disturbance in the smooth conduct of the admission process, the statement concluded.

Source: The News, 30/7/2008

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