No parks in Islamabad? Never mind! 7th Avenue is there!

By Khalid Aziz

Residents of the G-6 and G-7 sectors are spending evenings by sitting along the 7th Avenue, as both the sectors have very limited public park or playground facilities.
The most deprived and densely-populated sectors of the federal capital were once blessed with a number of parks and playgrounds down the road running in-between them, where the youngsters used to play and aged ones came to take a lungful of fresh air out of the suffocating environment of their small congested homes.
However, the ‘luxury’ became a part of history after the construction of 7th Avenue, which devoured up the only source of refreshment and entertainment for the residents of the sectors. Now the poor residents have no other choice but to spend their evenings by sitting idle, or playing cards, in the green belts along 7th Avenue and breathe the lead-carbon mixture of air left behind the fast moving vehicles.
Residents of both the sectors repeatedly complain the Capital Development Authority (CDA) for focusing on what they called as the ‘big’ of posh sectors. One of the residents, while talking to The Nation on Sunday, said that whole of the civic body rushed towards the posh sectors in response to a single phone call while they were deprived of the very basic urban amenities.
“What is right here with these sectors”, he continued, pointing to the sectors mentioned above. “Shattered roads, burst out gutters and no park or playground”, he maintained.
It is pertinent to mention here that the print media is continuously highlighting the deprivation of small sectors; however the CDA bosses argue that the same were developed on the wrong lines at the very inception of the city. It seems that the un-addressable deprivation is written on the fate-book of the residents of these sectors.
The civic agency has created very beautiful green belts along a number of highways in the federal capital, namely 9th Avenue and Islamabad Highway etc, but no one could be seen there, as the sectors between which these roads are running are provided with the facilities. However, a great crowd of people could be witnessed on the green belts down the 7th Avenue, which is sufficient to speak volumes of the deprivation of sectors G-6 and G-7

The Nation, 28/7/2008

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