Mango lures former Miss Italy to Multan

Associated Press of Pakistan

MULTAN: The aromatic and delicious mango of Pakistan charmed former Miss Italy 2004 enough to lure her to Multan one of among the oldest living cities on earth, to witness the launch of the three-day international mango festival held here Friday night.

Punjab Agriculture Minister Ahmad Ali Aulakh besides ambassadors of different countries jointly inaugurated the international mango festival, part of ‘Multan, The Oldest Living City’ programme of the government. The expo is meant to win global recognition for the sweet and tasty fruit this area produces.

Envoys of different countries including the Philippines, Brazilian ambassador in Pakistan Mr Gustov, Italian ambassador Vincizo Proti, ambassador of Afghanistan Mr Anwaar, South Korean ambassador Fu Kin and ambassador of Mexico Byrnadez graced the occasion at the traditionally decorated Shah Jahan Hall.

A musical and cultural show was held later in the night. Ms Joya, declared Miss Italy in 2004, also present, said she was delighted with the prospect of having as many mangoes as she wants. “A special friendship has begun between me, the mangoes and the people of Multan,” she said while addressing the ceremony.

Italian ambassador Vincizo Proti termed the tasty and aromatic mango as not only a sweet gift but also a ‘symbol of friendship’.

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