New Spanish condition irks Pakistani immigrants 6

ISLAMABAD: Around 20,000 Pakistanis, making efforts to get the Spanish nationality, are facing uncertainty about their legal status after the host country introduced a new law on July 11, The News learnt on Friday.

The Spanish government has refused to accept the documents of Pakistani community without a character certificate from the Government of Pakistan. Earlier, a document issued by the local police was sufficient in this regard.

An official of the Pakistani Consulate in Barcelona confirmed to this correspondent by telephone that a new condition had been attached, which was a cause of great worry for Pakistanis.

The certificate was sufficient to prove that the applicant had never been involved in any kind of criminal activity whatsoever. He also pointed out that Pakistani nationals were pressing the Pakistani embassy to play its role for removal of this Pakistan-specific condition.

Foreign Office Spokesman Muhammad Sadiq could not be contacted despite efforts by this correspondent for the gov-ernment’s viewpoint on the matter. This new measure is Pakistan-specific and it has come after some statements issued by the Pakistani leaders about the presence of terrorists in tribal areas.

Requesting anonymity, the official called upon the government to urgently look into the matter, as already documents of several Pakistanis had been rejected by the Spanish authorities. Another Pakistani contended that the new law was introduced on July 11 and the Spanish authorities started rejecting the papers which were submitted two months before. This law was applicable to cases of other nature as well, he noted.

He said the prime concern for him and thousands of other Pakistanis was how to get a certificate from Pakistan due to a complex police system in a new scenario. “Approximately, 20,000 Pakistanis were targeted by this measure who had fulfilled all the requirements, including three-year stay in Spain, one year work contract and Spanish language test certificate from the municipality,” he said.

Source: The News, 26/7/2008

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6 thoughts on “New Spanish condition irks Pakistani immigrants

    • murtaza malik

      dear brother,
      how are you?
      brother i am from madrid and i wants to know about the sloution of this cartifcate probblem and want to know how i should to apply my dacoments plese help me and kindly tel me tha mathod of this proces thanks.
      murtaza malik

  • Atif M. Sheikh

    In UAE,people are living under miserable condition.As i have seen the poor plight of labourers in UAE.They suffering a lot only to uplift the condition of their country but on the other hand,UAE authorities are doing nothing for labour class.UAE has draconian laws for labour labour has no right to establish labour union,strike & lock out,even they are unable to raise their voice ahainst employers against unjust treatment.But employers are treating them like an animal.It is my humble request to UAE government,UNO and ILO to make legislation for poor labourers.Even In UAE labourers has no holiday on first May.What a joke?

  • Nasir

    Stories like this are repeated all over the world wherever Pakistan or pakistanis are involved. Governments and organisations seem to feel that they can practice prejudice with impunity against the Pakistani population because the governement of Pakistan itself does not support or value it’s own people and they are usually proven correct. The inaction of the Pakistani government and their consulates and ambassadors overseas causes tremendous hardship and frustration and even when thye are reprimanded the same mistakes are repeated again and again, year on year all over the world. The people of Pakistan need to rise up and demand their equal rights EVERY TIME these things happen. They MUST make sacrifices in terms of time and money to take not only legal action but to join together in protests and in writing to the media all over the world pointing out these issues.