Depression in women three times more than men

RATE of depression in women is two to three times more than men while pointing out that the main reason behind this is social attitude, said speakers at a seminar titled “Depression: Its causes and cures” organized by Working Women Organization (WWO) on Monday.

Dr Rozina Aslam, Consultant psychiatrist and senior Registrar at Jinnah Hospital, suggested that women should take care of themselves, try to make positive changes in their lifestyles and reduce weight as it caused depression.

Dr Ume Kulsoom, Principal Medical Officer Lady Aitchison Hospital, expressed her views on the topic in the light of the Holy Quran and Sunnah while summing up the reasons of depression in a phrase ‘endless desires and unexpected attitudes’.

“To avoid depression, we should dissolve our will in the will of God, and a firm relationship should be developed with God,” she said while adding that where there relationship with God became weaker, mental illness prevailed as Allah said in the Quran “Muslims will be tested by the loss of life and wealth.”

Reason behind depression can be loneliness, as people should develop strong social relationship, she added.

Source: The News, 23/7/2008

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