Golden tears! Women cry against rising gold prices 2

By Rabbia Arshad


LAHORE: The sky-rocketing prices of gold continue to be the cause of many a female tears with 24 karat – 10gm gold at Rs 22,144, 22 karat -10 gm Rs 20,300, 21 karat-10gm Rs 19,872 and 24 karat per tola at Rs 25,850.

A survey revealed thousands of women, especially the salaried class unable to quench their gold thirst, saying ‘what before had been our mantra, has now become a far-off wish.’ Opining that the ‘metal had been a favourite of Pakistani women, and an essential part of a Pakistani bride, ‘we feel helpless,’ they pressed the government to ‘map out something concrete to ease us’ though maintained their reservations.

Noor, an event manager and fashion designer told The Post that the increasing gold prices has forced the low-middle class to opt for other options, the likes of which include silver, stone, artificial and flower jewellery instead of gold.

Ghulam Fatima from Gulshan Ravi said a government servant ‘can just look at gold now, pining for it to lessen its glare to be rendered affordable for the poor mortals.’ “What about our daughters. What dowry could we give them, everything is so expensive,” she cried.

Earlier, in past times, parents used to gift gold to their daughters at the time of their marriages as a good omen but within the passage of time, the blessing has assumed magnanimous proportions with greed and lust mingling in, reporting many a brides burnt to death for failing to bring in the requisite gold.

She harped on Islamic wedding traditions with simple religious weddings without the usual ‘hype.’

Mrs Qadir from Shalimar Town said the rise in gold prices has shifted the trend towards artificial jewellery, ‘but gold galore knows no limit.’ “There are medieval mindsets which need to be changed. Gold is considered the mark of a well-off family,” she added.

Others reckoned that the system has its own charm and curse, ‘for there’s none a bride as beautiful as one decked in gold, none more so than one simple,’ they added. Thinking along religious lines, they said the tradition ‘is self-made, which now has become a bane for many people, who lack the means.’


The Post, 18/7/2008


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    • Overseas Post author

      Majority of the experts think that the gold prices are unlikely to rise further in the long term, short term gains are still expected.
      Gold is international commodity. There could be some difference in the profit margin in different markets but not much difference in gold prices.