Musharraf may decide on government’s fate in August

Not satisfied with government’s performance | Worried about economy, law, order and growing sway of terrorists

Naveed Miraj

ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf who went behind the scene since the inception of the new government in March is said to be set to take a final decision about his future strategy whether to stay in Awan-e-Sadr or use his constitutional powers to role back the present set up.

According to a close aide of the president he is seriously thinking to take a final step in mid of the next month as he is concerned over the prevailing political and economic situation of the country and not satisfied with the performance of the government. The president on various occasions and during his meetings with leaders of the opposition parties has expressed disappointment over the performance of the government saying that it has been miserably failed to tackle the situation and rather engaged in non serious activities.

He is of the view that the government, despite tall claims of serving the masses, has miserably failed to improve law and order as the terrorists have gained more confidence due to its wrong policies towards curbing terrorist activities and they are again out to disturb the society.

The situation is so serious that Pakistan has been openly held responsible by the Karzai government and India for the attack on the Indian embassy in Kabul. Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been alleged for involvement in acts of violence in Afghanistan and supporting the elements opposing Karzai government. The Afghan government has also declined to engage in dialogue with Pakistan till the assurance for ending Pak interference in Afghan affairs.

The US president has also expressed concern over the movement of extremist elements from Pakistani tribal areas to Afghanistan and their engagement in violence.

President Musharraf is also disturbed over the failure of the government on economic front as the economy has suffered a set back as Pak rupee that remain stable during the tenure of previous government fell sharply and foreign exchange reserves reduced significantly during the last three months.

The government has also not been able to control ever rising prices of essential commodities, especially of eatables. Wheat flour and edible oil has virtually gone out of the reach of the common man and his routine life has been badly disturbed.

Stock market that touched the highest mark of over fifteen thousand points during the previous regime has crashed and is facing the worst ever situation by losing over five thousand points and there are no signs of it’s recovery while the small investors who are the main losers have even engaged in violence and are on the streets due to deteriorating situation of stocks.

The country that received remarkable foreign investment during the Shaukat Aziz regime has not received even a single penny during the last three months as foreign investment and the government looks to have no priority for improving the situation and increase FDI that is imperative for sustainable economic growth.

A close ally of the president claimed that as a commando who is trained for offensive, Musharraf would never allow current state of affairs to continue and he is ready to take a final decision about his fate or that of the government.


Source: The Post, 18/7/2008

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