Lahore: ‘Hacker’ sentenced to 41 years, fined Rs 500,000

LAHORE: The Special Banking Court on Thursday sentenced a man to 41 years and a Rs 500,000 fine for a credit-card fraud. According to a handout, the Cyber Crime Circle of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had arrested Muhammad Khan alias Ali Bhai from Lahore and seized a laptop, five machines, counterfeited credit cards of 20 international banks and data of various international banks.

The handout said that the accused cheated people with the help of his three agents namely Umer Shahzad alias Kashif, Muhammad Anwar and Shafaqat Ali, who were still at large. The FIA registered a case against Khan and sent him to jail. On Thursday, Cyber Crime Wing Assistant Director Zia Islam said it was for the first time in Pakistan that a cyber criminal had been punished so severely.

Daily Times, 18/7/2008

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