LAHORE: City to get meter-parking system 3

* Machines will be installed at Liberty Market, Gulberg Main Boulevard and on MM Alam Road

LAHORE: The City District Government Lahore (CDGL) would introduce meter-parking system at three commercial localities with an estimated cost of Rs 36 million, as part of its pilot project.

District Co-ordination Officer (DCO) Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta said this while addressing a joint press conference with the Pakset chief executive and Parkeon Spokesman Akhtar Aziz at DCO Office on Tuesday.

The DCO said the CDGL had signed an agreement with Pakset, a subsidiary of Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO). As part of the pilot project, he said, the meter parking would be introduced at Liberty Market, Gulberg Main Boulevard and on MM Alam Road. He said that the latest ticketing equipment of a leading French firm would be installed at the commercial localities. A central control room would be set up at the DCO Office in order to monitor the ticketing equipment.

Bhutta said 16 ticketing equipment would be installed in the three localities and each machine would cover 60 vehicles. He said commuters would find the machine at a distance of 30 meters. He said auto collection would reduce complaints at parking stands.

He said that the system would be functional at the three places within 17 weeks. He said lane marking for vehicle parking would be started next week. He said the CDGL would launch a public awareness campaign regarding the system’s working.

The DCO said the CDGL would notify affordable parking rates later. He said Lahore Eye Project would be started soon to help evaluate traffic problems in the city. He said 52 CCTV cameras would be installed at city’s various points. He said the cameras would help resolve problems related to traffic in the future. Pakset Chief Executive Usman Bajwa said the system would help resolve traffic and parking problems in the city’s busy commercial areas.

Source: daily Times, 16/7/2008

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3 thoughts on “LAHORE: City to get meter-parking system

  • Sajjad

    The Pay and Display Parking Meter System installed by City Government and working at Liberty Parking Site (PnD Zone-1) in Gulberg Lahore is for rich people and development for common citizen. Its basic purpose is to take money from the pockets of rich people on hourly basis. @ Rs. 10 for first hour and Rs. 5 for next subsequent hours onwards for the stay in the parking area for each vehicle. If you want to see this development. And now you can see the tax / charges recovered from rich will reach down to poor to develop other not-rich under-developed areas in Lahore.

  • Overseas Post author

    Mohammad Salman sahib
    That is what we should expect from the ruling elite in Pakistan. You and I are responsible for our own sufferings. If we vote for the poor but educated persons, we can expect some change otherwise we do not have the right to complain against those corrupt politicians, born with golden spoon in their mouth, they can not understand what your needs and desires are?

  • Muhammad Salman

    I have observed that their are no developments in the shad bagh area as compare to the mall road or other areas those places where rich or political people live only these areas develop.