Truth and Lies

Truth — The guiding of a lost soul,

Towards good result,

Towards great expectations,

A great thought which brings,

Harmony to the mind,

Eagerness in the soul,

A will in the instinct,

It controls fate,

It even controls reality,

It befriends the soul,

For what is deserved,

By the particular personality,

It makes the good side smile,

It makes the evil fill with rage,

Lies — A discouragement in the soul,

An unwillingly feeling,

It guides us not to be brave,

But to be scared and cowardly,

To face anything, any problem,

It makes the mind tremble with fear,

It leads to grave results,

It makes the evil smile,

It makes the good disappointed,

It doesn’t control us,

Instead we control it,

Whoever gets in the path of evil and lies,

Is doomed to follow…

As the evil shadows his-her life…

Until the personality realizes that…

The sunshine of good is stronger…

Than the darkness of the wicked evil.

— Arwa Ansar
Courtesy: The News, 15th July 2008

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