How many baboos Pakistan has and where?

By Ansar Abbasi

The work force in the civil and military departments has swelled to over 3.4 million personnel, including 2.8 million civil servants. The 2.8 million government servants include 208,491 working under the defence ministry and the defence organisations in the Army, navy and air force.

Official figures reveal that the Army GHQ employs 118,389 civilian employees, including 78,978 associated with the CP (civilian personnel) Directorate, 34,294 serving in the E-in-C’s (engineering in chief’s) Branch and 5,117 working in the CAO’s (chief administration officer) Branch.

The Air Headquarters has got 27,102 civilian employees while the Naval Headquarters has 15,847. The Pakistan Military Accounts Department has 10,854 civilian employees, the Pakistan Armed Services Board has 871 whereas the Maritime Security Agency and the Joint Staff Headquarters have 86 and 84 civilians respectively.

Under the Defence Production Division, 24,204 employees are serving in the Pakistan Ordnance Factories (POFs) Board, Wah; 5,067 in the Heavy Industries, Taxila; 5,392 in the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra; 120 in the Directorate General Munitions Production, Rawalpindi; 100 in the Armament Research and Development Establishment; eight in the Defence Export Promotion Organisation, Rawalpindi; 187 in the Military Vehicle Research and Development Establishment; 171 in the Institute of Optronics; and nine in the Submarine Rebuild Complex.

Out of the total 208,491 civilian employees, 162,000 are paid by the defence ministry while the remaining get their salaries from the defence organisations. Break-up of the 2.8 million civilian employees shows 390,000 working in autonomous bodies; 376,000 in the federal government; 162,000 civilians paid out of defence; 902,000 employees of the Punjab government; 478,000 of the Sindh government; 300,000 of the NWFP; and 166,000 of the Balochistan government.

The biggest employer is the Education Department, which has almost one million employees all over Pakistan. The health sector has more than 170,000 employees. The government departments and autonomous bodies having the largest number of employees include Wapda with 147,139 employees; civilian armed forces 94,207; police personnel in all the provinces 310,082; Pakistan Railways 81,936; Pakistan Post 27,008; Federal Board of Revenue 24,943; Pakistan International Airlines 18,484; Northern Areas Secretariat 18,341; National Bank of Pakistan 13,067; Pakistan Steel 13,004; Capital Development Authority 11,300; National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) 11,186; OGDC 11,044; Islamabad Capital Territory 10,545; etc.

Interestingly, we have a higher percentage of civil servants as compared with what we had in 1970. In 1972, one civil servant was serving a population of 751. If this benchmark is accepted, then the present size of the federal civil servants should have been 213,050 as against the actual number of 376,000 in the federal government on January 1, 2008.

On this basis, an official report admits, it can be argued that there are about 147,000 employees in excess of the benchmark prevailing almost three decades ago. The current ratio is one civil servant serving 425 people.

In India with a population of 1.1 billion people, the total number of civil servants is currently 10 million or one civil servant for 110 people. In contrast, Pakistan with a population of 160 million has 2.4 million civil servants at the federal and provincial levels or one civil servant for 67 people.

On a per capita basis, the average salary and allowances received by a government employee in service, whether in the armed forces or civilian establishment, is Rs 87,000 annually.The per capita income in Pakistan of an average citizen is Rs 58,000 annually, which means that a government employee receives 50 per cent higher income as compared with an average citizen.
The News, 8/7/2008

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