Man breasts can be reduced in hours, women’s enhanced: experts 1

KARACHI: This is the good news: men with man breasts can have a quick procedure under local anesthetic to fix the anomaly medically called gynecomastia. The bad news is that no cream or ointment has the ability to lighten complexion.

These and other gems of cosmetic surgery and procedures were discussed by experts who had convened at the Health Asia 2008 Exhibition and Conference on Cosmetic Surgery at the Karachi Expo Centre on Sunday.

Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons’ Dr Fakhr Alkhairy told Daily Times that people with congenital deformities such as cleft lip or those who have been damaged in accidents can change their life with cosmetic surgery. And while it is not that cheap, even women in Pakistan can benefit from it to make themselves more beautiful.

Unfortunately, Pakistan lacks a separate institution for cosmetology but thousands of cases report to public hospitals where there are departments of cosmetic surgery, said Alkhairy.

Women have two common problems, flabby tummies and underdeveloped breasts, both of which are correctable with cosmetic surgery such as reduction mammaplasty, said Alkhairy, adding that there were cures for sagging breasts as well. Mammaplasty is a simple cosmetic procedure that allows the patient to go back to her routine life in a few days.

Even though men can benefit from cosmetic surgery, only one man for nine women seek it. Normally, men seek help for problems such as elephantiasis, diabetic gangrene and gynacomastia. The cosmetic procedures for gynacomastia take one or two hours and can be performed under local or general anaesthesia.

Advance Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Consultant Dr Mirza Shehab Afzal Beg told Daily Times that obese people should know that just one cosmetic procedure is unlikely to make them the world’s No. 1 slim personality and they are more likely to undergo several to address the problem.

Hair Transplant Institute Managing Director Dr Humayun Mohmand cautioned that everyone should see the results of cosmetic surgery but it should never be recognized as the work of a cosmetologist. He also warned that hair transplants should be considered an art more than a science because the surgeon should understand that a patient’s culture, race and birthplace are important; you can’t give a Caucasian man an afro.

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Najia Ashraf said that cosmetic goods cannot be an alternative to cosmetic surgery. It is a bitter reality, however, that from Karachi to Washington DC, from Delhi to Paris, no cream or lotion can be used to turn a dark complexion fair because 98 percent of products and prescriptions have proven a waste of time and money.

PHABA president and Bhabi’s Beauty Parlour owner Rohana Iqbal warned that many make-up products have been dumped in the local market but a majority are damaging for the skin. A user should at least go through the details printed on the label so that indications and contra-indications are noticed. However, the quality of cosmetic products is very difficult to be judged by users. The user should at least smell the product and if there is an odor or if the base material has disintegrated from the oily content, then the user should be more cautious about using the product.

Source: Daily Times, 7/7/2008

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  • Ali abdullah

    Respected doc.,
    i have been told that you are an specialist in gynaecomastia , i have been suffering from this problem since 5 years and i want this to be removed from my body asap.Please give me all the information related to this surgery,specially the cost