Murree — the queen of hills

Associated Press of Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Murree also known as “Queen of Hills” is a popular tourist resort in northern Pakistan.

This thriving summer resort is just an hours drive from the Capital, Islamabad.

The scenic journey, with a great view of forest clad mountains and majestic pines on densely wooded hills, is a delight for the visitors. Green in summer and white in winter, this resort offers attraction for tourists throughout the year, Express TV reported. This mountainous, and one of the most popular summer resorts in the country, was originally established at 7,000 feet during the British Raj. But today Murree is currently situated at an altitude of 2300 m (8000 ft) above sea level.

The summer capital of the British Raj. Murree, founded in 1851, is a version of the classic hillstation. An Anglican Church, consecrated in May 1857, defines the center of town. Alongside runs the main road, the Mall. Across the Church are the most important commercial establishments, the Post Office, General Merchants with European goods, tailors and a millinery or hat store. Beneath the Mall run bazaars of descending economic consequence. Until 1947, access to the Mall was restricted for non-Europeans.

Murree lies in north latitude 33 54′ 30″ and east longitude 73 26′ 30″, at an elevation of 7,517 feet above sea level. It is the most accessible hillstation in Punjab, being a one hour journey from Rawalpindi and Islamabad (some 54 km).

Magnificent views can be obtained in the spring and autumn of the snow crowned mountains of Kashmir, and gorgeous sunset and cloud effects seen daily during the rains [July-August]. Part of the station, especially the Kashmir point, is also well wooded and pretty. People from all walks of life, mostly families, school children, students, and tourists from hundreds of miles to the south in Lahore, Multan, Karachi and all over the world come to spend the summers, as well as the winter, here.

In Murree you can enjoy the snowfall in the winter and rain throughout the year.

Murree has a charm of its own. Once you get into it, you can feel the nature at your doorstep. Glorious sights of the snow-capped mountains of Kashmir can be viewed in the spring and autumn. And dazzling twilight and cloud effects can be seen daily during the July and August rains.

Most of the familiar fruits of Britain, including cherries, raspberries, and strawberries, are produced there in season. The local people are very friendly & co-operative.

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