Islamabad: UK ‘points based’ visa system from 30th June 2008 2

ISLAMABAD: The British government’s new ‘Points Based System’ for those wishing to go the UK to work or study, announced in February will come into effect in Pakistan on Monday, the British High Commission said on Friday. “From 30 June 2008, the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme will be replaced by Tier 1 of the Points Based System, under which highly skilled applicants from Pakistan will now apply for their UK visa,” it said. Under the Points Based System, applicants would need sufficient points to qualify and satisfy the visa service that they could make a positive contribution to the UK. Points are awarded for objective criteria such as qualifications, previous earnings, age and UK experience. Following the announcement of the scheme in February, Tier 1 was first introduced in India in April. The remaining tiers of the system, replacing the current visa categories for skilled workers with job offers in the UK, students, and temporary workers, will be developed over the next twelve months. staff report

Source: Daily Times, 28/6/2008

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