Profit on Pakistan National Saving Schemes

ISLAMABAD: The federal government has revised upwardly, the rates of profit on National Saving Schemes (NSS).

Profit rates have been increased effective from 1st July 2019. Please click below link for updated profit rates.

یکم جولای 2019 سے منافع کی شرح بڑھا دی گئ ہے ۔ نئ شرح کے  لۓ نیچے لنک پر کلک کریں

NSS profit rates effective 1-1-2019

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312 thoughts on “Profit on Pakistan National Saving Schemes”

  1. I had purchased DSC Rs.150000/ in 2006 after expiry of ten year I went to center for cash they detected 10% with holding Tax when ever I purchased certificate then with holding Tax was exempt

    1. As per rule it is to pay you for 10 years, same rate which was applicable on the first day of your purchase of certificate. I am sure you are confused as such I advise you to check again and re-check. If you are then right that lower ate is being paid, then raise the issue with Federal Ombudsman, your problem would be solved.

  2. the interest on the Saving certificates are calculated at the rate when the account was opened and after that if the interest goes up then your interest goes up but if it come down, your interest stays the same when it was raised. i.e.
    Account opened on interest rate 10% pa. and the interest went up to 12% and the comes down to 10% your interests shall stay at 12%. You can check on website of National Savings.

    1. You are wrong. If rate when you invested was 10% say in Behbood or similar, it will remain the same if rates subsequently gets down or gets up. If you want to get higher announced rates, first cancel your existing investment and then re-invest fresh in new higher rate.

  3. I am glad that i invested in National Savings Scheme. The recent increase in profits on the Saving Certificates a welcome move. We must appreciate the government for taking into consideration the investment in these great Schemes. It will be beneficial for the investors and the government.

    We must encourage the culture of Savings in Pkistan. We lag behind third world countries. Provision of such excellent Investment Scheme for the middle class economic groups is a wise step.

  4. Hey.

    I have a simple query.

    The profit paid on RIC, Regular Income Certificate, is divided into different periods or it stays the same throughout till maturity?
    For example, when I purchase the certificate (let’s say in Nov, 2012) the rate was 12.60%. Rate was changed in Jan 2013, then again many times till now.

    If I have not taken out any profit, my total profit after THREE years will be (100,000 * (12.6/100) * 3)


    will it be (100,00 * 12.6/100 * (3/12)) {for first year} + (100,00 * 11.76/100 * 3/12) {for the next three months} …. and so on.

    1. Salam
      I don’t under stand when you Recived your profit they no Give you any how much they cut your withholding tex How much your Porift are

  5. I am overseas pak, has anybody got any good recommendations for investment retur, reading the ‘short change’ comments It does not make me realy feel like investing in pakistani bank, are the banks free of corruption? aor are they like the islamabad airport?

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