Broadband Global Area Network launched in Pakistan

Noor Aftab
Teralight Ltd, a Dubai based management consulting and telecommunications technology and services company on Tuesday launched Inmarsat’s satellite based advanced broadband services in Pakistan.
In a product launching ceremony, for the Broadband Global Area Network solution, Bgan, held here, representatives of Teralight, Inmarsat and Satcom informed that the Bgan service would help the banking, TV broadcasting, oil and gas and the telecommunication industries, achieve superior communication capabilities in remote areas, that lack developed infrastructure.

Bgan is the satellite and broadband communication industries’ leading innovation, which has been designed to offer guaranteed high-speed connectivity.

CEO Teralight Thomas Wilson while speaking on the occasion said Bgan offers unprecedented business advantages in information broadcast and ultra-speed satellite based communication in Pakistan.

“The Bgan solution uses a laptop-sized portable terminal that can be easily set up in any location for information communication at data speed of nearly 428 kilo bites per second,” he said.

He said Bgan is accessible via a range of lightweight satellite terminals, which provides performance options to suit different operational needs. “Standard terminals are highly portable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, being robust enough to withstand challenging environments and extremes of temperatures,” he said.

Teralight President and Chief Technology Officer Gary O’Neal said the company focuses on key markets in the region and launch of Bgan services in Pakistan is one of the major milestones in the telecom industry.

He said the lightweight satellite terminal and the advanced Inmarsat Satellite Network deliver top-notch connectivity services, requiring no specialist technical knowledge on the part of user.

O’Neal said the company works very closely with leading international financial and investment institutions regarding telecom asset evaluation, verification, validation and investment case management. The company also develops and operates private networks for customers, under development and management contracts and also for its own account, he added.

Teralight President Pakistan Operations Riaz Asher Siddique said the company stands at the forefront of mobile satellite communications, capitalising on more than 27 years of experience of delivering global voice and broadband data solutions for use at sea, on land and in the air.

He said vehicular systems of Bgan terminals comprise an interior rack mountable terminal and discreet tracking antenna that are mounted on the vehicle roof. “There are no compatibility issues with local telecom networks, because users connect directly to the satellite.”

Source: The News, 25/6/2008

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