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Benazir Bhutto in her handwritten will paid rich tributes to her colleagues, described Asif Zardari a courageous person who always fulfils promises and advised the party workers to continue struggle for making Pakistan a developed country.
Senator Safdar Abbasi stated this in his special interview along with his spouse Nahid Khan telecast by the Geo News on Sunday night. He said the slain Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) chairperson also stated in her will that the glorious traditions of the party should be kept alive. He said that there was a big responsibility upon the shoulders of Asif Zardari, so he should be given a chance to work for the country and the party and to exhibit his qualities.

About the last moments of Benazir, Nahid Khan said that the slain PPP leader was extremely enthusiastic in the public meeting of December 27, 2007 in Rawalpindi and was responding to slogans of the people excitedly and was also chanting slogans. She said when they were going back, Benazir asked her to sit beside her. She quoted Benazir as having said that love and respect given to her by the people was an asset of her life and a source of pride.

The former political secretary to Benazir said she was sitting on the right side of her leader while Makhdoom Amin Fahim was on her left side. She said that SSP security was sitting on the front seat while Safdar Abbasi, a security official and a personal servant of Benazir were sitting on the rear seat. She said as soon as their vehicle left Liaquat Bagh, a big crowd of people started walking with the vehicle. She said they heard gunshots as soon as Benazir stood up to respond to the slogans of the crowd and she fell after receiving serious injury. She said that her slain leader was in a pool of blood and unconscious. When the blast occurred followed by gunshots, they could not realise as to where they were and what was happening.

Nahid said the tyres of their vehicle had burst, so it became impossible to drive to hospital. She said that unfortunately there was no police vehicle and the vehicles accompanying them were also nowhere.

Safdar Abbasi said that the blast created panic and they could not understand where the other vehicles had gone.

Nahid said they tried to shift Benazir to hospital with the burst tyres of the vehicle but it became impossible to drive it to hospital. In the meantime, she said, they saw another vehicle, which was of Sherry Rehman and there was nobody else in it except the driver. She said they shifted Benazir to that vehicle and reached the hospital, where no senior doctor was available. A junior doctor had told her that Benazir had received a serious injury from jaw to skull.

Senator Safdar Abbasi said that they did not see what happened afterwards because doctors had shifted Benazir to emergency and they did not tell anything but wrote in their report. A weeping Nahid said that later a doctor pronounced Benazir dead and allowed her to enter the emergency. She said a coffin was brought after half-an-hour that proved small and then another coffin was brought. In the meantime, she said, they cleaned the blood that was oozing out from her face and gathered her personal belongings. She said the doctors did not give them bullet or anything else. The doctors wanted the coffin to be removed at the earliest.

Safdar Abbasi said that people had got emotional and Makhdoom Amin Fahim was perhaps in touch with the administration. He said that children of Benazir were crying and cuddling the coffin and Asif Zardari too was crying but was telling them to console the children because they were extremely upset. Bilawal Bhutto Zardari was cuddling the coffin of his mother and crying while Asifa was repeatedly kissing the coffin. He said that Bakhtawar was kissing the feet of her mother repeatedly. He said the children stayed beside the coffin until it was shifted to C-130 plane. About the head injury, Nahid said that doctors had bandaged the head of Benazir and there was no other injury except the one on the head.

About the disparity between the Scotland Yardيs report and statement of Nahid Khan, Safdar Abbasi said that the Scotland Yard investigators said when Benazir tried to sit down, she fell down and it caused her death. Whereas, he added, the people who were inside the vehicle had different perception. Secondly, he said, as shown by the media, the shooter was firing from the left but Benazir received bullet from the right side. He thought that the bullet was certainly fired from a height. He said people still think that Benazir was hit by something else afterwards but they did not agree with it.

About the number of the people who were present in the vehicle, Safdar Abbasi said that there were eight people as Benazir, Nahid and Makhdoom Amin Fahim were in the middle while he was in the rear with Rahat and Khalid and driver and the SSP were in the front.

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  1. Can someone ask Naheed Khan, why she asked Benazir to go out and respond to slogans of Public (after Naheed rcv a call on her mobile from some mystery person!).

    Who was that person.

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